Hong Kong has a dedicated and top-notch surf scene, serving as a great option for surfing day-outs. This is an activity that is very fun and interesting enough for you to play and play with the water waves, feel the wind on your face, and have a great time! To surf in Hong Kong, you can now book flight tickets and enjoy surfing with the help of JetBlue Airlines Reservations.

This article compiles a list of the top places to surf in Hong Kong:

1. Tai Wan

A beautiful coastal stretch nestled in the country’s parks, Taiwan is one of a quartet of beaches that includes the entire stretch of Sai Kung (Tai Long Wan). It is one of the best places for surfing in Hong Kong because it has the most beautifully constructed waves. The location for this beach is not very easily accessible, so it is never crowded or busy, giving you the opportunity to lay back and feel the peace of the sea and nature.

Locations – Tai Wan Beach, Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung East Country Park

Difficulty level – Beginner level during summer and intermediate during winter.

The main attraction – it is a beautiful area in itself, even if surfing is not on your mind, but even the trek will be a great experience and you can add surfing to the mix of adventure and natural beauty!

Best time to visit – Summertime for beginners and winter season for beginners and advanced surfers.

2. Big Wave Bay and Shake O

The focal point of Hong Kong’s surfing culture, Big Wave Bay and Shek Here are 2 very popular surf spots, especially on Hong Kong Island due to their easy accessibility. There are also many stores here so that you can rent gear and surfboards instead of carrying your luggage. 

Location – Big Wave Bay and Shake Hee in Hong Kong Island.

Difficulty Level – Beginner to Intermediate

Main characteristics – Easy to use and access. Availability of surfing gear and rental equipment.

Best time to visit – during winter which is from November to March, and during seasons/months when there is no possibility of the typhoon, even though both these spots handle well or control!

3. Cheung Sha

A very comfortable and pleasant beach on Lantau Island, Cheung Sha is a magnificent sea and a vast stretch of sand, which you will never feel at a loss of space. There are also many waterfront restaurants nearby, where you can relax and dine on good food with rental shops for surfing equipment, shower facilities, and more.

Location – Cheung Sha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Difficulty Level – Beginner to Intermediate

Main characteristics – Many restaurants in and around Cheung Sha Beach Availability of rental shops and facilities like showers, changing rooms, etc.

Best time to travel – during southwest conditions; Summer months.

4. Pui o

Home for short waves and the best place for beginners, near Pui O Cheung Sha and a very good place for new surfers to catch up on activity with reasonably stable waves of good stability, low disruption. Can. The iconic and infamous Mavericks Bar is also on this beach, so you can always kick backward!

Location – Pui O on Lantau Island in Hong Kong

Difficulty Level – Beginner

Highlights – The famous Mavericks bar here is an ideal place to relax and have fun while surfing in Hong Kong.

Best Time to Visit – Summer Month (June to September)

Gear required before surfing in Hong Kong

  • Surfboard
  • Fins – Connected to the underside of the surfboard for stability, stability and drive over water for surfers
  • Strap – attached to your foot and surfboard so that high waves do not separate you from it
  • Wetsuit – To ensure that you are not feeling too cold or hot, so that weather-appropriate wetsuits are found.
  • Surf Wax – This wax is massaged on the surfboard to increase the surfer’s grip.
  • Surf earplugs – preventing water from entering your ears as you go under the waves
  • Boots, hood and gloves for winter surfing – to make sure you won’t feel cold during the winter in the water

There are many other gears that are more optional and not necessary depending on the surfer’s preference such as rash guards, sunscreen, surfboard, etc.

Precautions for first-time surfers

  • Get a soft-top surfboard because the board will inevitably hit you as you initially surf so you can have a soft-top that will be easy on you and as an entry-level comfort-wise Will do a great job.
  • Be sure to practice your pop-ups well which is the practice of controlled push-ups to get yourself used to lift during big waves.
  • When you fall, grab your surfboard so that it doesn’t slip and don’t kill anyone around you
  • Also avoid obstacles like rocks, boulders, etc. in decent proximity as this can be very dangerous and you can injure yourself.

Tips for surfing in Hong Kong

  • Go for less crowded places or surfing waves because experienced surfers will take the best waves at most popular places and you won’t want to!
  • Take That Extra Paddle! This will be beneficial for surfers of all levels because the extra-large paddle will help you drop better and won’t be stuck on top of a wave for very long.
  • When you bring your feet on a wave, bend the knees, not your back.
  • Fall flat on your back or arm so that you don’t injure yourself. Stay perpendicular to the white

A city best known for its skins and skyscrapers, the surfing activity and sport here comes as a very pleasant surprise to most people but if the right places are identified and visited. It is well worth it. So get ready to flow with the waves and winds! Book tickets quickly with JetBlue Reservations.