Yes! The experience of the surgeon significantly matters in the field of hair transplant. No doubt, the advancements in hair transplant surgery provide natural-looking results but the work of hair transplant surgeons also matters largely in the success of any surgical procedure. We’ll explain the role of the surgeon in detail but first, let us have some knowledge about the hair transplant procedure!


What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is one of the best cosmetic surgeries that are used to restore natural hair for the patients who are affected by hair loss or baldness. It is the cosmetic procedure to collect the healthy follicular units from those parts of the scalp which have thick hair growth and not affected by hair loss. The taken grafts are then placed into the areas where there is thin hair growth or bald spots.


Consultation with your Hair Transplant Doctor!

Always choose a doctor who is highly qualified as well as experienced. The Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons are known for offering specialized treatments and services related to your skin, hair and nails (Like FCHTC). So, you can choose a plastic surgeon because he/she knows a lot about hair loss and its various aspects. Also, the right doctor will genuinely let you know whether you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Before undergoing hair transplantation, the consultation session with a skilled hair transplant surgeon is mandatory. Also, it is required to plan every aspect of hair transplant surgery in an efficient way. By considering all the factors, you can get more efficient and successful results without any major side effects.


Your hair transplant results depend greatly on the surgeon you select!

The technologies matter a lot in the hair transplantation but the results still depend largely on the doctor you select. So, always choose a doctor who can understand your hair loss, identify the exact causes behind it and perform the hair transplant procedure accordingly and effectively.


Hair transplant is all about the surgeon’s precision and specification to offer the best results. The results of hair transplant are judged and rated on the basis of the hairline design and the undetectable natural growth of hair strands. Thus, holding the specialization in the field of hair restoration is necessary for a hair transplant surgeon.


What are the things that you need to consider while looking for the right hair transplant surgeon for your hair loss treatment?

  • Search for the experienced Plastic Surgeon if you want your hair restoration to be performed in the best possible way.

  • Get the reference about the hair transplant surgeon near you who is experienced in performing hair transplants.

  • You should always select a licensed and certified doctor. You can also check his record of hair transplant surgeries or you can ask the doctors to show their portfolio.

  • Search about his qualification, experience or other related things on the web. Find all the relevant information and also, read the reviews and feedback of his recent patients to get better visibility before your hair transplant takes place.