In these unprecedented times, it is essential that we take all the correct measures to ensure that we stay as healthy as possible – be it physically or mentally. The outbreak of the Coronavirus has been so large that if we don’t take the right steps to being as healthy as possible, not only are we putting our own lives at risk, but also the lives of all our loved ones and everybody around us. This latest edition of TA-DAH.TV SELF-HELP special focuses on how we can strengthen our immune systems by eating the right foods in order to reduce the chances of COVID-19 affecting us and the ones we love the most. Let’s look at some of the main ways we can make our immune systems as strong as possible.

Although some ways of strengthening your immune system can be quite expensive, there are still many ways in which you can take little steps for little cost, just by food shopping cleverly – and these little steps could be the difference between life and death. The following actions are part and parcel of sustaining good health, but they have become all the more important in these challenging times:

Wash Your Hands Properly – Although this is something you will already do every day, it is pivotal to recognise the importance of giving your hands a thorough wash during the pandemic, ideally every 15 minutes. You have probably seen all the step-by-step posters on how to ensure you wash your hands properly. If you have contracted the coronavirus, it can be killed on your hands by washing them for at least 20 seconds using soap or a hand sanitiser that is more than 60% alcohol. Washing your hands really has never been more important.

Stop Smoking – Of course, this one doesn’t apply to everyone. But at TA-DAH.TV, we recognise how stressful these times can be. Smokers may begin to smoke more, whilst non-smokers may even be tempted to resort to smoking. However, we cannot stress enough how vital it is to not smoke if you want a strong immune system. People who smoke are significantly more susceptible to catching infections and suffering from further complications in extension to said infections. Smoking is already a dangerous habit, but in times like these, smoking could be detrimental to everybody around you as well as yourself.

Maintain A Healthy Sleeping Pattern – Sleep has always played a major role in the health of people from all around the world. Studies have shown that people who sleep for less than seven hours are 3 times more likely to catch illnesses. Of course, some people suffer from insomnia and others take medications which can make it difficult to sleep – but if you can maintain a healthy sleeping pattern then we strongly advise doing so. You could save yourself from contracting the coronavirus and thus preventing your loved ones from suffering also. Due to the current lockdown, isolation for many probably means more time spent watching TV and on phones. These devices can stop you from sleeping, so try and avoid using them for the last couple of hours before sleep.

Exercise Appropriately – It is common knowledge that exercising is good for the immune system. However, over-exercising can actually be detrimental to not only your immune system but your overall health – this is why professional athletes often suffer from infections a lot more frequently than others. Therefore, we highly recommend exercising but to not start high intensity activities. If you already train under a high intensity regime, try and cut down slightly during the pandemic. Also, stick to leaving the house once a day. The majority of your exercise can be done via home workouts.

Healthy Diet – there is plenty you can do to support your body’s immune system by eating right and TA-DAH.TV’s next programme is about just that! Featuring the top 15 super foods to arm your body with the best defences the kitchen can offer, you might save yourself a trip to the pharmacist, unless it’s for good quality supplements. It’s easy to learn about what vitamins are key to your body’s chemical processes to turn food into a powerful weapon, not only against bouts of flu and colds, but Covid-19 as well. So check out their latest shows to give you and your loved ones a great start to the day and help protect them against the CV pandemic, that’s making its way around the planet.

COVID-19 has created stress for all of us in a variety of different ways. Social distancing is a tough nut to crack, when you miss contact with your friends and family. Mother’s Day was particularly hard to endure, not being able to hug your mum or be hugged in return. None of us want it, but we are stuck with it for the foreseeable future. Staying physically healthy will go hand in hand with staying mentally healthy. Come on guys, let’s battle this together, for we will all come out stronger on the other side #staysafestayhome.