Northern beaches are a great destination for cityside coastal escape. The place is filled with a burgeoning foodie scene, sunkissed locals, amazing surfing beaches. The Northern Beaches are located in Sydney’s northern coastal suburbs, closer to the Pacific ocean in the state of New South Wales Australia.  The area is an amazing stretch of coastline. The Manly and the North Narrabeen beaches in this area are particularly famous for surfing. The Northern Beaches happens to be the most mono-ethnic and white district in entire Australia compared to its diverse neighbours Central Coast and North Shore.

A beach happens to be the most dynamic and democratic place in Australia. In the Australian beaches, no one cares what you wear and who you are. You will find no discrimination on the beaches. You will find a lot of different tribes in the waters of Australia. It is said that if you are an Australian then there is a high chance that you live by the coast.

The Northern beaches are full of life. There are all the things in Northern Beaches that can make one happy.

There are some amazingly vibrant beaches such as the Freshwater beach which will make you witness the private feel for which the beach is popular. The private feel is due to the two headlands that enclose the sea. The beach has a parking area next to it where paid parking is available.

Then there is the  Shelly beach which is located close to Manly beach. One of the unique identities of the beach includes its lack of waves which makes it perfect for swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling or kayaking.

The second most popular beach after the Bondi beach in Sydney, this stunning beach is extremely well maintained and is easily accessible by the beachgoers. This is indeed a great place for sunbathing, surfing or for the sake of just walking.

Dee Why Beach has over the years become a very significant spot for travellers as it has a lot of cafes and restaurants situated on the beach.

Some of the best parks in Northern Beaches include the Little Manly Point Park. Not only is this park famous for workout sessions or for relaxations but also for picnics and weddings. Therefore you need to pick your exercise time crucially. Working out here is far more aesthetically pleasing than any other park because of its harbourside views.

There is also the Apex park which is a family orientated park is a fine place to carry on your morning workout and get a fresh breath of air. It has an abundance of greenery all around it. For the kids, the park also boasts of a bike track and also allows the post-workout swims.

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