“I want likes, followers, comments.” Just more audience/user engagement. Now aht does all that exactly mean? It basically amounts to just one thing in this digital era of advertising and trying to make your brand as popular as possible…clicks. How quickly the buzz for your brand is created, or rather, how quickly can strategic advertising create enough buzz to make a brand out of any name in the first place makes all the difference. We all know that there are countless names, companies and people promoting similar, or sometimes, even identical enterprises. Be it in form of products, services, or even people themselves being promoted as influencers or entertainers. But most importantly, at the end of the day, all of them serve as content for their own brand, narrating the brand’s story to the world.


However, that is just scratching the surface. The ability for a brand to go far beyond an estimated reach and be able to ‘trend’ as number one not only in its own industry and amongst competing brands, but as a potential market leader as well, depends on one crucial thing, public perception. Just these two words have the power to make or break a business. Not only that, but managing public perception to meet both your short and long-term business goals in key to running a successful business. So by extension, having an engaging, well liked and highly followed social media presence in whichever markets you are targeting definitely helps, even if it means creating a worldwide reach.


Nowadays with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, the fact that a brand has global reach is becoming more and more possible. But those possibilities also mean more and more competition since businesses that could earlier not “afford” such a reach now can. Therefore, most brands can reach a very large number of people and create a brand impact even if they run on a tighter budget overall. This benefit can one day result in a turnover large enough that such a business could upgrade to operating their core business on a much larger scale.


However, we’ve just discussed why brand management is important. Reasons why it is important to take note of what the people (including both existing and potential consumers) think of the brand as a whole. But, you might still be wondering about the why. Why is it important for me to make sure that people like my brand, even if I know for a fact that I am making the best product or offering the best service in the market? The answer to that is simple, if you are confident in what you are doing, why not let it reflect off of your consumers?


Making people a part of your brand has become a much more demanding effort, especially in this last decade (2010-2020). Not only do they need to be a part of our brand as employees and customers, but as people who follow you on Instagram, ensure that your brand gets enough retweets, give your brand’s YouTube channel maximum number of subscribers. In the end, all of it is to serve just one purpose, to make your brand a household name, and almost exclusively in a positive light, both in the market and in the public eye.


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