Textile Coatings Market is expected to propel US$ XX Mn by 2026 in terms of value with CAGR of XX% in the forecasting period 2019-2026.

Textile coating Market

Textile coatings are coatings that are used to coat various textiles, fabrics and thread to protect them from heat, dust, soil, water, oil, grease, etc. Textile coating produces a new structure which acquires the best properties of the substrate and the coating product. The coating shelter the textiles and yarns from any sort of damage and helps to keep it durable.

The Textile Coatings Market is being driven by the increase in quality and performance standards in end use industries such as increase in performance requirements, increase in fire safety regulations, and increase in quality standards in apparels industry. The rise in demand for waterproof, high quality, and heat-resistant fabrics are the factors that are expected to drive the Textile Coatings Market. Introduction of the nanotechnology in coating fibres is anticipated to open up new growth opportunities in the textile coating industry.

The Textile Coatings Market on the leather make it more rigid and durable. Few textile coating materials like isocyanides and PVC are considered as harmful and poisonous for the human health and environment. The growth of the clothing industry across the globe is expected to fuel the demand for the textile coatings during the forecast period.

Textile Coatings Market can be segmented by material, by technology, application, and region. On the basis of material, Thermoplastic products are cheaper and efficient, therefore they have high demand in the market. In 2017, thermoplastics dominated the Textile Coatings Market. Due to various superior properties of thermoplastics, such as their lightweight nature, excellent insulating nature etc. they are widely used as a Textile Coatings Market. They are generally used as hot-melt adhesives and can be welded by heat.

Thermosets segment held a lower share in the Textile Coatings Market in comparison to thermoplastics segment across the globe. In terms of technology, Advances techniques are among the most widely used techniques with advantages over counterparts as robust design, large scale production and generation of anti-corrosion layer.

Moreover, ALD techniques are widely used to create anti-microbial coating used in electrodes and medical applications. Based on application, Transportation application comprises for manufacturing automotive upholstery, airbag fabrics and tarpaulins. Increasing regulations regarding driver’s safety along with the advancement in technology for avoiding accidents is expected to drive the overall industry growth.

On the basis of region, Asia Pacific is the dominating region in the Textile Coatings Market. Growing industrial and manufacturing sector in the Asia Pacific region positively enhances the market. Europe also accounted for a considerable market share in the global textile coatings market. North America is relied upon to witness development in oil and gas and manufacturing industry because of the recent discoveries of shale gas and shale oil in the U.S.

Some of the key prominent market players in the textile coatings market are Clariant AG, The Dow Chemical Company, Covestro AG, BASF SE, and Huntsman International LLC., Lubrizol Corporation, Omnova Solutions Inc., Solvay SA, Sumitomo Chemical Company, and Tanatex B.V.