With each passing day, Hotstar is becoming one of the leading streaming services. Its popularity has been growing ever since it was available to audiences residing in the USA. This has led to many Hotstar US deals for membership at a low cost.

Hotstar now offers viewers an annual subscription to the premium feature. You can watch live sports, TV, movies, shows, and much more through your lockdown days. But, given the amount of premium package, people do not opt ​​for such a subscription.

We are telling you here that you can grab these premium packages at bare minimum cost. We have some of the best US Hotstar offers, which avail premium subscriptions almost for free and enjoy premium subscriptions! You can use our coupon codes: SAVE40, GET40OFF, LIVECRICKET to get these amazing Hotstar US membership deals.

Hotstar promo Code IPL 2020: LIVECRICKET
Hotstar US DEALS

With our excellent discount on Hotstar US membership deals, you will actually get a $ 15 discount on the Hotstar Premium account. All you have to do is use our Hotstar us promo code: GET40OFF, SAVE40, LIVECRICKET and you are all set to get a Hotstar Premium membership for just $ 44.99 + $ 10 off. These Hotstar US Deals give you a premium membership for an amazing amount, which is less than $ 1 per week! It is almost free!

Paying $ 1 in addition to 60,000+ hour TV shows and 2000+ Indian films such as cricket, kabaddi, badminton, and hockey. Members can watch your TV (Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku), anywhere on mobile devices (Android, iOS) anytime, and no computer is anything!

We will show you how these Hotstar coupon codes work on your Hotstar account. Follow the steps below and you are ready to grab the best Hotstar US deal for your premium membership.

Visit https://us.hotstar.com

You will check the Hotstar website for the USA.
Now click on Start subscription.

Register yourself with your personal details like name, age, address, and other relevant information. If you want to leave it, you can also register with Facebook.
Now, you will be on the “Enter your payment details” page, and you will get a message as “$ 49.99 (+ taxes)”.

But, you do not need to panic. If you follow the next two steps, we will save you $ 15 on your premium membership.
You’ll be able to see a small box that says “Have a promo code? Click here”. Click the box and enter any Hotstar us promo code such as GET40OFF, SAVE40, LIVECRICKET and click on Apply Coupon.

Hotstar promo Code IPL 2020: LIVECRICKET
Now, the page will show that you will be charged $ 44.49 (+ tax). And all. Your Hotstar US promo code has been successfully activated and according to Hotstar deals running in the USA, you are receiving your gift hampers, gifts, discounts, and more.

Now, all you have to do is fill in your card details and you are good to go.

This is how you will be able to get a one-year subscription to Hotstar using our US Hotstar coupon codes: SAVE40 or GET40OFF or LIVECRICKET. You can then watch hundreds of new shows, behind the scenes, web series, movies, cricket matches, and more.


By using our coupon codes LIVECRICKET, GET40OFF, SAVE40 you are actually subscribing to your Hotstar Premium Membership at only $ 1 per week! These Hotstar US Deals save you around 10% on your premium package. Not only will you subscribe to ad-free content, but will also do a massive 100,000 hours of drama, films in 17 different languages. In the midst of this lockdown, these packages are worth spending your time at home.

Hotstar promo Code IPL 2020: LIVECRICKET
These Hotstar US Membership Deals offer you other attractive offers, prizes, gifts, discounts, and more. Among these US Hotstar deals, the Indian audience in the USA will love that you will get a caravan! You can listen to almost 500+ songs on this caravan for free! You can also get a $ 15 discount on your premium membership.

While other online streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. are priced at $ 60- $ 70 on your premium subscription, Hotstar will only cost $ 44.99 + $ 10 off if you use our Hoststar promo code: SAVE40, GET40OFF , LIVECRICKET. With our Hotstar US membership deals you can get your premium membership at a bare minimum of $ 1 which is almost free!

You will save $ 15 when subscribing to your Hotstar Premium account to our Hotstar coupon codes: SAVE40, GET40OFF, LIVECRICKET. So grab these Hotstar US deals and get your Hoststar Premium subscription as soon as possible and save 10% on your normal Hotstar subscription.