When we are going to spend a few days away from home with our offspring it is important to plan where they will sleep, especially when they are babies, to ensure that they rest in a safe and comfortable place .

For this reason, the travel cot is a key accessory for vacations, small family getaways, having a second home and even sleeping with a family member.

In addition, you can give it a second life as a playground while you are at home so that your little one can play in a safe and controlled place.

As with most baby items, there are infinite options: from the simplest to some with all kinds of accessories and with very elaborate designs.

Some parents prefer it to be very robust and spacious inside to use as a playground, while others who travel frequently want it as light and small as possible. And that is precisely what you will find in this guide: the tips and key points for you to choose the right travel cot without paying an extra euro.


To begin with, I leave you a list of the best travel cots that you can currently find on the market, based on our own experience as parents and the opinions and ratings of other users.


  A quality and super light crib for demanding globetrotting parents

For many, it is the best travel cot on the market . With only 6 kg of weight (including the transport bag) and its compact design when folded but very spacious when opened, it is the ideal crib if you are going to carry it frequently from top to bottom, due to its lightness and ease of assembly .


Thanks to its innovative Swedish design, the BabyBjörn is very stable and resistant, and it is also extremely easy to assemble and disassemble in a few seconds.

The comfort of the mattress that comes with the crib also stands out, much higher in thickness (4 cm) and quality than most cribs, so you will save having to buy a separate mattress.

Another outstanding aspect of this crib is the quality of its materials 100% free of toxic substances, anti-allergens and easily removable for washing.

It is important to highlight that it complies with the European safety regulations for travel cots and also with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard for quality and safety of materials.

I also like that it has all the mesh walls, allowing you to see your baby perfectly from any angle and ensuring that it has optimal ventilation.

Now, the quality and the Swedish design are paid, so it is not exactly a cheap crib. But if you are going to use it several times a year and in several places, the investment is worth it.

Keep in mind that the measurements of the crib are not standard (mattress 60x105x4 cm), so the bedding of the home crib will surely not work for you. However, thanks to these special measures, the crib is designed so that you can use it even in confined spaces, which you will appreciate if you want to travel with your baby.

  • Very light
  • The 4 walls are translucent
  • No weight limit to use
  • The ease of assembly and folding
  • It has no wheels
  • Fixed height
  • Non-standard crib measurements


  A very well equipped crib without paying an extra euro

Weight: 11.4 kg | Age: up to 3 years | 2 heights: yes 

Accessories: changing table, game bow, side pocket, travel bag

The TecTake is a crib that offers very good results and some interesting extras that make it very complete with an incredibly reasonable price (around 70).


Easy to assemble and measuring 132 x 75 x 104 cm when open, I love the changing table that you can easily add over the crib with a clip mechanism. In addition, it has a beautiful arc of games with which your little one can entertain while you change it.

They have also included the possibility of placing the crib at two heights according to the age of your child, something that your back will greatly appreciate, and a practical pocket both on the side of the crib and on the changing table where you can store a lot of things.

It has a zippered door on the front so your child can crawl in and out when they want to take a nap or to play if you use it as a playground.

And you can also move it easily thanks to the 2 wheels that it has incorporated and that have a quick locking system to guarantee safety.

It is made of Nylon, so it supports the trot very well if you are going to use it frequently . And it comes with a cover that you can easily remove for washing.

However, it is a bit heavy (11.4 kg), so if you want a travel cot to take to many places, it may not be the best option.

Something that you should also take into account is that the mattress is a bit thin (1.5 cm), so if you are going to use it with a certain frequency, you may have to buy an extra mattress so that your little one sleeps very comfortably.

The seller only makes shipments within the Peninsula.
  • It is the most complete crib within its price range
  • The changing table is comfortable and easy to place
  • Durable and resists jogging very well
  • 2 heights and wheels for greater comfort
  • The mattress is a bit thin
  • Not too light
  • It only has grid on 2 walls


  The lightest and easiest to assemble crib to take your little one everywhere

Weight: 4.7 kg | Age: 0 to 3 years | 2 heights: yes 

Accessories: travel bag

If you are going to take your little one up and down and you are one of those who hates to assemble Ikea furniture -like me-, this is the ideal crib because it is assembled in just 2 seconds and it is also ultralight (4.7 kg).

In addition, it is a crib focused on the comfort of your child with a soft and thick foam mattress (3 cm) and yours, since it has the possibility of putting it in 2 heights according to the child’s age so as not to herniate each time it is take it or leave it while it’s very baby.

Thanks to the quality of its materials, the crib withstands frequent use very well, guaranteeing a long useful life. And, as its floor is waterproof, you can use it perfectly both indoors and outdoors .

However, it is a simple crib in terms of accessories. The good thing is that it has the possibility of attaching an outdoor canopy / parasol and also a mosquito net, although you will have to buy them separately.

  • The fastest and easiest folding / unfolding system on the market
  • Comfortable and soft mattress
  • Ultralight and takes up very little when folded
  • Waterproof flooring for indoor and outdoor use
  • It has no changing table or cat flap
  • Without wheels


  A robust and complete crib

Weight: 11 kg | Age: 0-3 years | 2 heights: yes 

Accessories: play bow, toy pocket, changing table, wheels, travel bag

The Mix Plus is the most complete model of the brand Asalvo, and offers everything you need in a travel cot.


It presents a design that stands out for its solidity (aluminum structure) and ease of use, with a simple and fast assembly . It is also easy to clean as it is easily removed.

In addition, Asalvo has renewed the canviator in this crib model to make it even safer – complying with the latest European regulations – and comfortable for your baby.

They have not skimped on extras either: in addition to the changing table, the crib has a nice and fun play arch, a pocket to store toys or whatever you need and a comfortable travel bag.

The crib has the possibility of placing the mattress in 2 heights according to the age of your baby, by means of a practical zipper system that is easily assembled. And when it grows a bit, you can use the side flap to get in and out as you please.

The bad thing is that it is not very light (11 kg), but they have compensated for it by adding 2 wheels with brakes so that you can move it without great effort.

Another downside is that more than a mattress, what the crib has is a padded base, so if you are going to use it frequently you may have to buy an extra mattress.

  • Robust and durable aluminum frame
  • Very complete in terms of useful extras
  • Has wheels for easy movement
  • The mattress is justillo
  • It’s a bit heavy


  A sturdy crib with all the necessary extras


Weight: 9 kg | Age: 0 to 3 years | 2 heights: yes 

Accessories: changing table, play bow, side pocket, travel bag, 2 wheels

The Sleep & Play has everything you need and, in addition, it has some accessories that make it a very interesting option if you do not want to make a large outlay on the travel cot, such as a practical changing table and a fun play bow to entertain and stimulate the little one while you are changing it.


The 2 wheels that it has will facilitate mobility to use it in various places at home and to drag it like a suitcase when it is folded and placed in the travel case.

In addition, it is quite compact (78 x 28 x 25 cm folded), so it will not bulge too much in the trunk of the car. But when assembled it is wide enough so that you can also use it as a playground.

It is resistant, quite light (9 kg) and also mounts easily. It also has a safety lock on all the anchors so that it cannot be accidentally bent when it is open.

Its double height is very useful to have your child well controlled while he is little and, incidentally, not to fall apart every time you take him or leave him in the crib.

It is also very practical because, having standard dimensions once opened, you can use the same bedding that you use for the normal crib.

Also noteworthy is the wide cat flap on one side, great if you also use the crib as a playground. I like that the door will have a zipper, since it seems safer than those that work with velcro.

Made of metal and nylon, it is easy to clean.

For my taste, only the mattress fails. Basically because it doesn’t have. It has a padded base, but if you want to use it for several days in a row, you may have to buy a mattress so that your child can sleep really comfortably and without compromising their postural health.

  • Very complete in accessories
  • 2 heights
  • Folds very easily
  • 2 wheels to transport it comfortably both open and folded
  • The padded base is something simple
  • Only 2 sides with grid


  A travel park to take everywhere

Weight: 10 kg | Age: 0 to 4 years | 2 heights: no 

Accessories: travel bag, 2 wheels

A versatile and well-designed travel park for your little one to play inside or take a good nap, as it is comfortable and spacious.


Wheels and practical travel bag add convenience to transport.

When your youngster is old enough, they can come and go as they please through the large zippered cat flap.

For your convenience, the upholstery is easily removed so you can wash it without any hassle .

It is made of plastic and nylon, so it is resistant to jogging without being too heavy (10 kg).

The floor is well padded but rigid enough that your little one can stand up without bending their feet .

  • You can use it up to 4 years
  • Safe and resistant
  • 2 wheels to move it
  • One side pocket is missing


  A simple but very functional crib for tight budgets

Weight: 8 kg | Age: 0 to 4 years | 2 heights: no 

Accessories: carry bag

This folding travel cot is a bestseller thanks to its unbeatable price (under 50). Without great extras but with good results, it is ideal if you are looking for a simple hauck travel cot that takes up little space and is cheap.


It is very easily assembled, with dimensions once assembled of 125x65x76cm and a standard-size resting area (120 × 60 cm).

Once folded, it is ultra-compact (77.6 x 23.4 x 22.2 cm) and weighs a little (8 kg), making it convenient to transport and store.

It has two large windows to ensure adequate ventilation and that you can see your child easily and it also has a practical cat flap so that they can come and go as they please when they are a little older.

It is made of plastic and easy-to-clean textile material.

Of course, the materials are not too resistant so it is ideal for those who want a travel cot that will not go up and down too many times.

Another point to keep in mind is that the padded base is not too soft, so to use it as a crib, you may need to buy a separate mattress.

  • The price is unbeatable for the good results it offers
  • Ultra compact when folded
  • Very easy to assemble and fold
  • Materials could be stronger
  • No extras


  A super cheap, easy-fold crib for occasional use

Weight: 8 kg | Age: 0-4 years | 2 heights: no 

Accessories: travel bag

The Soft Dreams stands out for its ease of folding and how little it occupies once closed, thanks to its umbrella folding system. And it’s quite light, making it comfortable to carry around.


It does not have too many extras and it is simple, but for the price it has (less than 40) you cannot ask for more and it has everything you need to be functional .

Another of its strengths is its robustness, thanks to the wood fiber base and the metal structure that gives it great stability once assembled , guaranteeing the safety of your child and your peace of mind.

For my taste, I miss that the height is adjustable, to be able to put your baby higher during the first months and not have to bend down so much to pick it up or leave it in the crib.

On the other hand, the materials do not withstand intensive use very well, so it is an ideal crib to have, for example, in a second residence or in the home of a relative who stays with the little one from time to time, but not To carry too much up and down

  • It is extremely economical
  • Simple and fast folding umbrella type
  • Good stability thanks to the wood fiber base
  • The height is not adjustable
  • No extras like changing pad or side pocket
  • Does not withstand intensive use very well


  A simple but functional crib for tight budgets

Weight: 8 kg | Ages: 0 to 4 years | 2 heights: No 

Accessories: carry bag

Within the range of basic travel cots, Chicco has achieved a crib that offers good performance with a very competitive price below 50 .


Made of polyester and aluminum, it is a fairly light crib (8 kg) and easy to assemble and clean.

The design is super focused on guaranteeing the safety of your child : rounded corners so that it cannot be hurt and double security system to avoid accidental folding.

It closes in a simple way using an umbrella system and, once folded, it is ultra compact (20 x 20 x 76 cm).

And you can use it until your child is 4 years old, so it has a long shelf life.

Of course, it is a simple model without great extras, so it does not have a changer or wheels. Nor can the height of the mattress be adjusted. However, it is of good quality and the price is very competitive.

  • Very good price
  • It is light and very compact when folded
  • Opens and closes easily
  • The height is not adjustable
  • It has no wheels to move it
  • The only extra is the travel bag


A versatile crib for playing and sleeping

Weight: 10.5 kg | Age: 0 to 4 years | 2 heights: yes 

Accessories: arcade, side pocket, wheels

Jané has created a travel cot with a robust, easy-to-assemble and durable aluminum structure that will allow you to amortize the cot for up to 4 years. Which is appreciated, especially, if you are not going to use it very intensively.


With a very reasonable price, the crib does not neglect the extras : it has a funny arc of games so that your child is distracted when he is awake, a very large side pocket where everything fits and two wheels so you can move the crib effortlessly.

It is comfortable because it has two heights so you can put your child on the top (up to 3-4 months or when he begins to have the strength to stand up) or lower.

I like that 3 of the 4 walls are mesh, guaranteeing good ventilation and making it easier for you to have your little one controlled.

For my taste, it would be nice if it included a bag to transport it more comfortably.

I also miss a mattress, since the padded base is not too comfortable, so you will surely need to buy the mattress separately. The good thing is that the inside size of the crib is standard (120 × 60 cm), so any mattress will do.

  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Good ventilation and great visibility
  • Adjustable height
  • It does not have a cat flap or travel bag
  • You will need to buy a separate mattress


After having seen in depth the characteristics of the 10 best travel cots, I leave you a selection of the ones that we have found most interesting. As in everything, the best option will be the one that best suits what you are looking for (price, portability, quality).


With its excellent Swedish design and ease of assembly, the BabyBjörn is this year’s big winner thanks to several aspects that make it unique and outstanding.


This crib stands out for the quality of its materials, which guarantees a long useful life , something that may interest you especially if you plan to have more than one child or are going to use it fairly frequently.

In addition, it includes a very comfortable mattress to ensure a good rest for your little one and, incidentally, saves you the additional outlay of buying an extra mattress.

The other great strength of the BabyBjorn Light is, as the name itself indicates, its great lightness. At just 6 kg, it is an extremely comfortable crib if you plan to use it in multiple places.

In addition to being light, it folds with an easy, fast and intuitive system that is unique in the market.

And the best thing is that BabyBjörn has achieved that the low weight does not compromise the stability or robustness of the crib, guaranteeing the safety of your child and, therefore, your peace of mind.


If you are looking for a crib with a reasonable price but with all the extras, here is what you need.


The TecTake offers you, in addition to a comfortable and easy-to-fold crib, all the accessories you need to get the most out of your purchase: a practical changing table with built-in pockets, a game bow, a side toy pocket, a travel bag and two wheels for that you can move the crib effortlessly.

Depending on the age of your child, you can adjust the height to have your baby closer while they are small and it has a practical cat flap so that they can come in and out when they are older.

Plus, the materials are trot-resistant and easy to clean. What else can you ask for for less than 70?


If you do not feel like spending a lot on the crib because you will use it infrequently, this is the crib you need.


Although simple and without too many extras, it is a practical crib because of the ease with which it folds and with very useful details such as the side cat flap that allows your child to come and go when they want to take a nap.

As it is quite spacious once open, it is also practical to use as a playground. In addition, once folded it is ultra compact , so you can store it in any corner without bulging too much.

A great choice for tight budgets .