Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize and innovate the real estate sector. AI tools are software solutions programmed to learn and optimize themselves. They can be used to improve and speed up labor-intensive processes. This makes it possible for many work steps that actors such as sellers, brokers, asset managers, and investors take in real estate to be carried out more efficiently. 

This also translates into potential savings in real estate transaction costs. Experts believe that with the advent of AI in the real estate industry, technical solutions will become more important, and the importance of human labor will change. In the future, artificial intelligence will automate the management of facilities, that is, the administration and management of real estate objects. It could also help organize and evaluate the real estate industry’s huge amounts of data (Big Data).

In what areas are AI tools used in processes?

Currently, Artificial Intelligence intervenes mainly in the information management process by collecting all the data on specific real estate objects or complete portfolios. This virtual data room is designed to analyze documents, check framework conditions, and provide real-time translations for international real estate transactions. 

Artificial intelligence tools also perform analysis functions in energy, fire protection, and security to automate building installations such as facility management and control systems. For example, in private homes, intelligent heating and lighting systems are an example of this innovative development. 

Other solutions offer customer service: one of the functionalities of bots lies in implementing strategies to provide the best customer service at any time. Data analytics works, in this case, as a catalyst for the subsequent approach with buyers.

Provide information on the market’s state: Data analysts try to understand and implement various strategies to analyze different real estate brokers and their various fluctuations.

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How could consultants and clients benefit from AI?

A real estate consultant could benefit from artificial intelligence in real estate by preparing transactions with less manual effort, conducting due diligence reviews (market and legal analysis) more quickly, and completing the entire process from marketing to finding buyers and sell faster. 

Especially for commercial real estate, AI tools help examine large amounts of data and documents and weigh the transaction opportunities and risks. In this way, real estate consultants would have more time to advise the client. Clients can use AI chatbots (virtual communication partners) to analyze relevant facts from various data sources and assess a property’s value to find the right property for them.

What are the challenges for the real estate sector?

The challenges are to program systems that allow the automatic reading and evaluation of data. Artificial tools can only evaluate real estate contracts and other documents if they can learn independently. Therefore, a highly skilled workforce is needed that can develop reliable AI solutions with this machine learning capability and make them work in practice. 

However, in addition to functionality, stakeholders must also monitor data security and compliance with the legal framework. These virtual tools cannot replace the important role of people as decision-makers. In real estate, therefore, efficient interaction between artificial intelligence and human decision-making power is required.