No doubt, technology is constant and has always been a major part of millions of the fastest growing global industries. Each day there are new advancements in machinery, engraving signs and labels, and new tools to help make our lives just a little bit easier.

The working environment can often involve a huge variety of different types of equipment and different types of supplies.

Whether it is in an industrial setting or an office, employees can benefit from clear indications of what these are, how they should use them, and any hazards they should be aware of.

Regardless of how efficient these machines are, there is always the chance for things to go wrong. This is why safety is such an important factor when operating them or even simply being in the vicinity of these powerful machines.

One of the best ways to inform people of the dangers of being around the equipment is by using warning stickers and signs.

Warning labels are nothing new; chances are you can find one within a few feet of you right now. However, most do not realize the wide variety of uses for these labels.

Therefore, we’d like to cover some of the most common uses for safety signs and labels so that others can be aware of these potentially harmful situations.

1. Stop Safety Decals – These are used to warn others when an immediate threat exists and instant action is required. One of the most common would be a sign or decal indicating an emergency stop button.

2. Arrow Safety Stickers – These stickers indicate the area in which to avoid, or where the possible danger is present. This helps to discourage people from entering such areas.

3. Automatic Equipment Hazard Labels – These labels are used to warn people of equipment which will start on its own. Not knowing about this could lead to injury if one gets in the way of a machine part or if the equipment unknowingly starts up, could result in an emergency shut off that was unnecessary.

4. High Voltage Labels – These labels are self-explanatory and warn those around of high voltage equipment.

5. Nip-Pinch Danger, Hazard, and Warning Labels – This is a bit of a “cover all” category and just refers to general warning labels such as “hot surface, chemicals, and do not touch”.

6. Moving Parts Hazard Labels – Again, a self-explanatory category. These labels warn of moving parts that could possibly be hazardous if one was to get in the way.

7. Shear-Cut Hazard Labels РThese labels warn of sharp, moving blades or other parts that could crush or cut someone if they were in the machine’s path.

No matter the equipment or how advanced our technology gets, safety should always be a concern for those around machinery and heavy equipment.

Warning labels are a great way to help prevent accidents and make users aware of any potential hazards. Hopefully now with this knowledge, you can ensure the safety of those around you by placing warning decals where necessary.