For some, vaporising can be a casual time pass activity. But for many, it’s a sophisticated action very much a part of their classy lifestyle! That is why while many don’t think twice before buying a device for puffing, some actually pay attention to its minutest detail and pick the one that has everything perfectly embedded. And for such vape obsessed individuals, we have Dr Dabber switch!

The Dr Dabber Switch from Vaporizerhut is one of the most astounding vaping devices out of the hundreds available with them (all of which are equally amazing, by the way). It may have come into existence only in 2018, but the amount of favouritism it gained within such a short period of time is commendable. It has actually succeeded in being a trendsetter and a style symbol amongst vapers who love to puff in a unique way creating a fantastic impression in front of everyone.

What Makes Dr Dabber Switch Unique and Awesome?

If you love indulging in vaping and choose your device with the utmost care, you’ll certainly be impressed with Dr Dabber Switch. Not only are they extraordinary in terms of looks and feel, but they provide some great benefits as a vaping device (which you can’t get in any other induction vapes). There are of course some very convincing reasons as to why they are called the best in vapes, and if you are curious to know about those features, read on!

  • The physical quality — The classy and sexy design and build of the Dr Dabber switch makes them owners’ pride. Every part of the design is specially and carefully cut and customised to provide maximum pleasure and benefit to you. Weighing quite a few pounds (though looking almost as light as air), it is available in a desktop form, but can be used as a portable device too. With the classy bag or packaging that it comes with, you can proudly flaunt your device while you carry it along with you.
  • The incredible efficiency — You’d certainly be impressed by the fastest charging you can get when using the Dr Dabber switch. It gets charged within an hour and stays for around 150 uses with this single charge. Also, the predominant feature of it getting heated within seconds adds to its incredible efficiency.
  • Works with oil and leaf — No matter whether you love puffing the oil form or you just prefer the leaves, the Dr Dabber switch helps you enjoy both the flavours satisfactorily.
  • Easy to maintain and use — You know the heating procedure just takes a switching on of the button which makes it the simplest to use. But even maintaining this device isn’t much of a headache. This device is designed with much wisdom by including an internal hardware that protects it from vapour steaming and it becomes super easy to clean.
  • The warranty advantage — The unique piece with 25 different heat settings comes with a good warranty of 2 years. This obviously will keep you relieved that the amount you are spending in buying a good device would run with you for long and can be serviced easily when there’s an issue.


If we summarise in a few words about the incredible qualities of the Dr Dabber switch and what makes it totally astounding, it would be the high-quality aesthetics it has, the great super-fast heating procedure, it’s easy maintenance, the heavy battery life — and most importantly, the company’s words that’s it’s one of the best invention so far!