The sequel of the Breath of the Wild is still long awaiting, but the expectations are already set. Amidst all, the fans have got a lot of time to speculate whether the game is deserving the remake. There is no doubt among the fans about the game, which deserves a remake in  The Legend of Zelda instalments, and it must be The Wind Maker. The action-adventure game, The Wind Maker, set on the distant island surrounded by sea won the hearts of millions due to the blend of beautiful scenery, exceptional gameplay, and art style. Nintendo can explore more open worlds in the Wind Waker and can remake it. Here are some of the ways the remake of the game could be presented:-

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1. Discovering the Hero in Toon Link

Toon Link has yet not appeared as a hero, but the protagonist of the Breadth of the Wild has a lot of potentials to emerge as a hero. Nintendo can search the options and can explore the situations which could lead to making this worthy boy as a hero. Toon is a small boy; still, he fought the battle and beat the evils so he could save her sister, and the journey of Link should be continued further. The further story of the remake could be based on Link finding trainers and mentors who could hone his skills, and the story could be expanded more.

2. Expanding the Great Sea

The Great sea is the most beautiful and mysterious part of the game and has held not only many treasures but also dangers. The developing team of the game can explore the Great sea more and can develop it as an open world for the players. The same idea can be applied regarding the islands featured in the game, which are exceptional in the designs and are scattered all along the Great Sea. The developing team of the game cam filled these islands and the sea with mysteries,  daunting challenges, and treasures. The players have to be stopped at several points in the wind Waker, and if the game is heading towards becoming an open-world game, then the players should get the freedom to explore in the way they want.

3. Exploring Puzzles, Secret Trials and More

The Great sea and islands scattered along the sea have the right amount of mysteries and secrets, which could be discovered by the players. If the developers of the game wanted to remaster the game, then they have to expand the game by introducing more puzzles and secrets, which could entice the players.

4. Exploring the History of Hyrule

The developers could focus on exploring the lost history of Hyrule, which plays an essential role in the game. The protagonist, Link, fought with many spirits and several ancient entities, and these could be used as the perfect medium to explore history. The fans have also seen a dungeon that was related to the old gods of the ancient era, and this avenue could be explored to discover the lost history of Hyrule. The Wind Waker had several races and different stories related to those races, and the developers could improve the story by exploring these.

5. Powerful World Bosses

There were several powerful bosses in the Breath of the World, and Link has to fight with them strategically, but the Wind Maker has not so many intimidating bosses. The developers could introduce more intimidating bosses so that the combat could become more exciting. The Wind Waker has immense potential to become a massive hit in the world of video games, and that can be explored easily as the options are presented in the game.

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