Hundreds of places to go wild swimming in the Lake District. Mist Lakes, rambling waters, alpine lakes, etc. the lake district has them all for getting away from the crowds.

When we ventured along the rocky path, the dew clung to the long grass on both sides of the way, like tiny crystal fragments capturing the morning sun. The creepy mist lingers on the lake, showing the mountain scenery reflected in the still water in an irregular rhythm.

The lake area is an excellent place for swimming in the wild. The broad waters provide a perfect place for early morning exercise, while the small mountains (ponds formed by glaciers) offer a refreshing afternoon swim after a long trek in the mountains. The river includes picturesque canyons, pleasant streams, and natural lagoon diving pools in the lake area, giving us various wild swimming tastes.


Swim Wild in the best scenic lake of Lake District to relax a little.

Wastwater is the deepest lake in the lake area. The vast, rugged mountains surround the water, creating a dramatic atmosphere and refreshing the lake area’s wild swimming. On cold days, the setting looks a little daunting; find a warm sunny afternoon, and you can treat yourself. The sun reflected from the mountains, and the water shone in the reflection of the high mountains. In the Lake District, no place is better than this wild swimming lake. Wastwater doesn’t have any facilities, but the Saw Mill cafe a few kilometers south is perfect for coffee and lunch. Besides, the Wasdale Head Pub is 5 km away.

Blea Tarn

Have the best wild swimming experience on the picturesque heights.

In the Lake District, there is no more picturesque place than Blea Tarn. On the high mountains, the calm water utterly reflects Langdale Park. As the mist slowly fell from the lake in the early morning, Blea Tarn became full of tranquility. This is the ideal place to rejuvenate and wake up to swim. There is a parking lot next to Tarn, and a small road leads directly to the water. Blea Tarn has no facilities; please bring your own picnic and a hot water bottle of coffee. First of all, make your British Airways Reservations and enjoy wild swimming in Blea pond.

If you don’t want to bring your own food, you can head towards the newly opened restaurant- National Trust Sticklebarn in the Greater Langdale Valley. They cook very averagely and have an eco-friendly menu that explains the carbon footprint of each dish.

Galleny Force

There is a great bar nearby. It takes only 15 minutes from the Langstrath Country Inn to follow the Langstrath Beck, and the river forms a small waterfall called the Gallenian Force. In the beautiful wooded grove in the valley, the waterfall is curved around the big rocks that set off the river water, forming an atmospheric spot where you can relax and swim. You can take a stroll from their swing or walk along the valley. Once you absorb the atmosphere, return to the pint of Langstrath Country Inn in Stokeswaite. This is one of our favorite bars in the Lake District and a great way to end a day of wild swimming.

Eskdale Pots

Eskdale is one of the most beautiful places in the Great Lakes region. A broad picturesque valley, wedge standing among the mountains; its exclusiveness adds to its rugged charm. Due to the difficulty of reaching the valley, few people venture to this exciting destination. This makes Eskdale a therapeutic isolation place for wild swimming in the Lake District. At the valley’s foot, the Esk River cut through the canyons and pools in the rocks, forming three large flower pots for swimming. Kyle kettle and pillar kettle are beautiful swimming pools, sit and relax, and massage with water. The tongue pot is a deep pool with high walls, very suitable for diving into a wider swimming pool.

It’s already freezing. Even if the fresh air falling from the nearby mountains makes us reluctant to dive into the water, we will still do it. Suppose it is just to stimulate our sense of adventure and luxuriate in the sense of accomplishment, make your Copa Airlines Reservations enter the Lake District, and reach the wild swimming lakes. After a while, the initial cold will disappear, and all that is left is the magic of swimming wildly in the lake area on such a beautiful morning.