If you are an adventure or a fitness freak, bikes are bae! You just couldn’t beat the excitement that you get when you pedal the bikes and reach the heights or go down the slopes at a super fast speed. Be it at a bike race or just for losing your weight, riding them is truly an amazing experience in itself. When these bikes are of superior quality, you can imagine the adrenaline rush every time you hit the pedal.  

They say old is gold, and we couldn’t agree more! If you are thinking of getting a new bike, we would suggest thinking about vintage bikes.  While the new, latest technology bikes can be thrilling to look at and may even grant you some good average and speed, but the classy feel and elegance of vintage bikes just couldn’t be matched. While a new edition, the latest bike can be a great arm candy to own, the pride of owning a vintage one is something unparalleled.

The Unmatched Experience of Owning a Vintage Bike!

When we say that the vintage bikes are far better than any of its latest counterparts, we aren’t criticising the latest bikes. But we all have our favourites, right? Let’s read about why we go gaga over vintage bikes:

1. They are unique and classy: The new model bike is available everywhere and in various designs – but one very similar to the other. There isn’t any novelty in owning them. While a vintage one isn’t available everywhere, and owning them itself is a matter of pride. Since they are lesser in number and offer fewer models, you’ll rarely come across a piece similar to yours. So, you shall be able to enjoy its uniqueness better.

2. Long lasting quality: It isn’t a hidden fact that items made in recent times don’t last long no matter how much you spend on them. While vintage bikes have already gone through the test of time, and have the power to last for years to come. Be it their special manufacturing process that was mostly manual during those days, or because of the good quality of materials used back then, they are tough and don’t give up too easily.

3. Budget-Friendly: The prices of the latest bikes are enough to leave you gasping. While the vintage ones could be bought from the stores like Texolabs offering vintage bikes for sale in excellent quality and within your budget in some astonishing styles.

4. Easy to Repair : The materials and components utilized in the making of these vintage bikes weren’t much complex. That’s what makes even their repair possibilities simpler and much cheaper.

6. Better Performance: The latest bikes, even with multiple gears and brakes, can’t match the excellent performance that a vintage bike provides you. They have their own unique charm and swiftness providing a better riding experience.

7. They are an Investment: When you are buying a vintage bike, you are actually making an investment rather than spending on a mere purchase. The older this bike gets with you, the better the money you can make after selling it.

 We are sure these perks are enough to encourage you to leave the thought of buying the latest model bike and to opt for a vintage one instead!