Modern means of communication like emails and web messaging systems may be prevalent today, but traditional telephones remain a vital tool for businesses, particularly among small ventures. Unlike web apps and internet technology, the use of phones provides a more personal and efficient way to communicate with customers – factors that impact effective customer service.


Nonetheless, it is important to point out that it is not enough for a business to have regular phone lines where customers can call, and organization members contact each other. If you are a business person who yearns to succeed in your industry, you need to acquire a small business phone system.


Before you sneer at the idea, consider the following advantages of having such a system in place and why it is a worthy investment if you want to grow your business:


It Allows Better Customer Experience


A latest survey exposed that over 90 percent of consumers would stop buying from a company that offers poor customer service experience. Note that one of the parameters used by consumers to define good customer experience is personalized service.


The majority of individuals who were surveyed are not merely expecting a faster reply to their queries and concerns. They also want to connect to a live person and not just a voice message or answering machine.


When you use a phone system in your office, you can attend to all your clients even if you are not in the office with its call forwarding features. Instead of leaving a voice message, you can personally address customer issues and also ask concerned personnel to join the call immediately through its conference call functionality. When your customers feel that they are special and valued, they will be loyal to your brand and encourage others to patronize you as well.


It Improves Business Image


Whether you realize it or not, customer perception is one of the crucial factors for you to stay in business. Your target market should see you as competent, reliable, and professional so that they will trust you over the competition.




When you have a business phone system in place, you can project the impression that you are a well-established and professional venture. With professional voice menus, hold music, and transferring call features, your clients will know that you are running a serious business.


It Protects Your Privacy


As a small business person, it is easy for you to lose the boundary separating your private and professional life. For fear of missing client calls, you may give out your mobile number more frequently than your business phone. As such, your phone does not stop ringing even if you are on vacation or spending quality time with family.


When you have a business phone system in place, your mobile number remains private. You can forward the calls from your desk phone to your handphone so that you do not miss any calls. You have the advantage to transfer these calls to other members of your team if you are on leave or do not want to be disturbed.


The items mentioned above are just some of the convincing reasons why using a small business phone system can benefit your venture today and in the long run. If you decide to make use of this solution to experience its advantages, take the time to find a reputable service provider who can offer the most suitable phone system features to address your business requirements.

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