If you own a shop of electronics and make use of electronic equipment, then you must know about how important earthing and lightning protection is. Nowadays, everyone makes use of electronic equipment in one way or the other but knowing the uses of earthing solutions is very necessary. 

Earthing gives you protection and acts as a shield from getting electric shock and accidents. Many people are aware of such protection but do not install in their houses or commercial buildings to save money. On the other hand, if people do install earthing systems in their houses, then they need to be more cautious and should prefer earthing with low resistance. 

Lightning, on the other hand, is very dangerous to one’s life as it harms both living and non-living things when it strikes directly to a person and a thing. 

So, this article will cover how earthing and lightning protection is important for any electrical devices with provided safety tips. 

  1. Earthing system– It is necessary for houses, buildings, factories because not only it safeguards the lives of people but for many other reasons too. Earthing is of different forms like rod earthing, wire earthing, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the device size and electrical installation for an effective result. The reason why earthing is used because-

(a) Saves the life of people– Earthing is an integral component of electrical systems that saves the lives of the people from getting an electric shock. It is natural that in case electrical installation may have a fault and do not respond then in such situation electric shocks are most likely to be seen. Hence, earthing helps and saves the life of people.

(b) Protection of electrical devices– If you do not owe earthing systems, then there are high chances of getting damage to electrical appliances. The fault in electrical devices is likely to be seen through and thus, with the earthing system, all devices are prevented.

(c) Risk of fire- The risk of fire also gets reduced with the earthing systems. The first thing to be seen when a fault arises is the flow of current and earthing systems prevent those current leakages. 

Thus, earthing systems serve to protect both the electrical devices and human life at the same time. These systems are a must in every house. The main purpose of these systems is to create an alternate path where the current leakage can flow without harming a person and protects the equipment from getting the fault. 8 ball pool tricks to boost up your passion.

  1. Lightning protectionLightning is dangerous when it comes to the life of people. It burns the skin of the people if there is the direct contact of people with lightning, and that leads to death. The people need to take care of lightning occurrence and take precaution at the earliest. Also, it affects the objects and things within a second. So, during that time, it is must protect the electrical appliances for further damages and must contact the superior or an expert having enough knowledge to deal with lightning protection. 

So, lightning protection is needed at utmost importance because-

(a) It is a must for human safety-

When we talk about lightening, human safety comes in the first place. Many people die due to direct falling or contact with lightning. This is a serious matter and should be given due importance. No matter where you live, but lightning protection should be amended. The state like Kerala is a very prone state for lightning incidents. Many families get separated due to this major reason.

The do’s and don’ts for the people dealing with lightning are- 


  • Do take shelter of a car or residing in a safe building
  • Do carry emergency flashers among yourself till the time the storms strike.
  • Do make use of cellular mobile phones instead of landlines that are connected with a wire. 


  • Do not stand beneath the tree to take protection when lightning prevails. It can harm you more.
  • Do not come outside of your homes where lightning can’t harm you.
  • Do not stand on the road and start watching the lightning.
  • Do not stay for a while in mountainous areas. It could be dangerous at the time of lightning.
  • Do not touch any electrical appliances or a metal-like object that is conductive.
  • Do not take a shower at the time of the storm.
  • Do not spend time at the windows and doors.

Other than this, if you find difficulty in getting protection, always remember to make yourself as small as could possible. Make body shrink, bend your legs, hands on the knees, and bow down your head. To protect your life, one should strictly follow these tips. These do’s, and don’ts tips could be helpful and make you and your family safe. 

(b) Reliable for building structures– Lightning protection is highly reliable for building structures because when lightning strikes, it first affects the structure of the building. The lightning seeks the easy path where it can discharge its flow and that time it discharges to the weakest point of the building. The precautions are many, but it is up to you how to deal with major incidents. No one would be happy to see the destruction of their building in front of their eyes. Thus, it’s important to install lightning protection at the earliest in all commercial buildings to avoid further damages.

To conclude- 

So, instead of putting your valuable life at risk, be a smart human and install the proper earthing and lightning system in your houses, commercial buildings, and factories. There are various reasons apart from diseases that people die, and this lightning and earthing are one of them. Your unintentional mistake can put lives at risk if earthing and lighting systems are not installed correctly. Try to look up a little and do follow the above precautions that are worth saving lives.

 Hopefully, this article has made you learn the relevance of earthing and lightning protection in your life. So, do call for the engineering team at your houses, factories, to get the work done at the earliest.  The farrago moot in the election of 2020 and make America great again!