People always argue that the siblings’ partnership is an utter disaster, with loads of emotional confrontations involved, making it all more mess to come to the common grounds. Yet, is that really how it works?

The fantastic band Miccoli that includes three supernaturally talented musicians, shatters this notion to the bits and pieces by emerging as one incredible musical group. Miccoli is a renowned British indie-pop band comprising of three siblings that grew up in Birmingham, England. Creating their own their independent record label AFA in 2010, the band releases their unique music. Crafting their own distinctive, signature music, Miccoli has managed to gain its stance globally from South East Asia to North & South America. The great work ethics of the Miccoli is reflected by the fact that the band received 1,000,000 streams on Spotify for its debut album titled “Arrhythmia’, released in 2020.

Today, we conversed with the tremendous siblings, the sound engineers, the music artists, vocalists, guitarists, drummers, pianists, photographers, and everything in between: Alessio Miccoli, Adriano Miccoli, and Francesca Miccoli to know how feels like working with siblings professional.

Alessio Miccoli shares that the music to the team is beyond professional work and extends to connect them on a deeper level. “Music to us is personal and a sort of a divine power that connects us together like a chord. We fight, create a fuss, and even bash each other, yet when it comes to music, we are there to lift each other “I see myself and my siblings as musical magicians, who know and understand the sweet spots to hit to make people fall in love and connect with our music. Or so we hope,” he says.

Francesca Miccoli reveals that the group ethics of the band is set after profound contemplation to bring out the best in all the three siblings. “We know each other’s shortcomings, faults, and even strengths, and this awareness helps us to catch each other when we fall, strengthening each other to be the best version of ourselves that even resonates in our work. We are not just the typical sibs band at all; we are the best buddies who happened to be siblings,” she says.

Adriano Miccoli explains that their partnership and sibling-relationship never hinder their progress as creating music is much more than a career for them. “Miccoli is not just a musical career, it is our passion, and we live for it. In fact, being siblings while working in a partnership also works to offer the best of multiple arenas. We are able to see the bigger picture while sustaining a profound working and family relationship; after all, music for us is not just business; it is a dream what turned into ‘Miccoli.’

Yet, even though a team comprises of blood relations, disagreements are always there. Francesca Miccoli explains that in a sibling partnership, it is significant that regardless of your clearly-defined roles, you consult each other on the decisions that shape and influence your work. “Partners no matter even if they are siblings should have a say in what is happening in not just the day-to-day, but also in the scope and long-term planning of your endeavors, that is how you manage to reach the goal be it share the goal,” she says.

Miccoli sibling emphasis that working together is actually amazing, for they are able to expand their creative horizons and burst open their open mind to think of endless music opportunities. They believe that it the power of their collaboration that actually made them reach popularity in such a short span, touching the strings of the millions of listeners across the globe.  The astounding videos that the band has created were also featured on music channels across the globe, VH1 & MTV, to name a few. With tracks also receiving airplay on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6’s Introducing. “We are blessed because each one of us knows each other’s mindset, helping us to create all aspects of our art from videos, artwork, songwriting, production, and photography, that gives our music a distinct identity and we truly adore it,” says Miccoli siblings.