The Witcher series streamed on Netflix always has something to surprise the fans, and this time also the series has made some changes in the looks of the characters. The team of Witcher series has worked hard and focused on highlighting the diversities of the characters. The fans have seen characters of different races and also of those types of the human body. If you are also among the supporters of The Witcher and excited to know about the alternative looks adopted by the characters, then here is the list of at least seven alternative looks of The Witcher characters which are ranked from the best to the worst:-

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1. The Skellige armor of Geralt

The Geralt of Rivia is not only looking great but also dignified in his new outfit with the fur neckline. The fans have also noticed many other characters with fur neckline outfit, and they latch onto the gears. There are several names such as Jon Snow and Trevor Belmont, who tried this type of gear, and fans fell flat on them. Geralt of Rivia is not an exception, and the outfit decorated with the works of green and gold color and having thick belt used for hanging the armors is just excellent and looking great.

2. The Wolf Gear of Geralt

The wolf gear could be termed as the signature gear of Geralt, and it is providing a great look to The Witcher. However, it is also true that the gear studded with metals and having a tight fitted shoulder line is left with just giving a bit more metal coverage to the body of Geralt.

3. Yennefer of Vengerberge’s outfit

Yennefer of Vengerberg is looking beautiful and stunning in the new look provided to her. The alternative look provided to her is defining her personality and very suitable for her also in every situation. Yennefer is known for having raven feathers and black dress, and these features have been kept in the look. The outfit has a long neck, and the dress is designed purely in black, which suits the sorceress, and it is fit for movements in battle also.

4. The Temerian Set of Geralt

The Temerian set given to Geralt is more comfortable in battles and combats and also could be said that it is quite better than the Nilfaardian one. However, the look is simple but elegant too.

5. The alternative look of Cirilla

The developing team of CD Projekt Red has spent long hours and came with a stunning and practical outfit for Cirilla. The armor set is not only pretty but also iconic one as it was from a region of desert, and so it has been called Zerrikania. The gear set is comfortable for Cirilla when she is taking any movements in the battles and combats.

6. The Nilfaardian Armor

The Nilfaardian armor set is looking much better than any of the gears introduced earlier and belongs to the regional armor set of the Witcher. The armor set is durable and keeps Geralt of Rivia comfortable even in the combats and battles with the enemies.

7. The alternative look of Triss Merigold

The friend and potential love interest of Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold, has been appeared in the red-clad, which is looking very pretty and beautiful. However, the outfit could be termed as practical one as the sorceress has too often involved in combats and battles, and the dress which is dragging behind could not be comfortable while making moves. The developing team could think more to make the dress more practical even by retaining the beauty of the dress.

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