The media has always glorified the use of cosmetics as the secret to a woman’s beauty. Unfortunately, the idea that makeup is the only feature that can uplift a woman’s personality has gained traction, leading to stellar growth of companies making beauty care products. But wait! Pompous makeup, or spellbinding beauty, is not the only factor that adds to the femininity of a woman. Other factors—such as compassion and self-confidence—are more enduring and likeable than just the apparent good looks.

Here are some key features that make women gorgeous and sexually exciting, surpassing all cosmetic in the world.


Compassion is one of the virtues than make an individual stand out in the crowd. And when a woman is caring, friendly and compassionate, it makes her all the more endearing and loveable. Needless to say, no makeup or ostentatious beauty comes close to this remarkable trait.

Personal Hygiene and Fitness

The social acceptance of a person is completed by their hygiene, style, and care with fine details of their body such as nails, hair, eyes, teeth, body odor, and the brightness of the skin. Therefore, personal hygiene that is not overstated, and original, besides a degree of fitness, is suitable for a woman who is confident in herself.

Culture and Knowledge

The notion of supporting women’s education has gained traction, but the tough equation lies in its acceptance of the real culture that reflects on the woman’s conduct and dealing and goes beyond the simple misuse of education in job and narrow fields. Therefore, whenever someone talks to her about a topic, they find that she has a wealth of ideas about it and shares her thoughts with him.


A woman with oodles of self-confidence does not see herself as an ideal person; however, she knows her flaws accurately and identifies herself. Such a woman can balance faults and features, and is smart enough to cover weaknesses and rouse strength in herself. She can arrange her life and prepare her in a way that supports her progress and supports others even from the same field of work and talent, because she knows that this strengthens her position. She gives herself the opportunity and wonderfully deals with her; this makes her the center of attention and she has the charm and poise to draw a great deal of attraction.


Intelligence is no longer restricted to the scope of calculations, intricate structures, and chemical equations. It is a unified system of multiple traits: verbal, social, psychological, mental, and emotional. Some men see that women are extremely striking when they can manage their feelings, capture the meaning from the speaker’s eyes and mannerisms, and choose their words and use all their skills in the middle of life.


Without an iota of doubt, a positive person is desirable in friendship, sharing, and companionship by many. Positivity is what drives a man to enter into a relationship with a woman; in fact, it is one of the salient features that gives positive energy to her companion or life partner. As the saying goes: “A woman who creates a joyful atmosphere and distributes positive energy anywhere she passes breaks records in gravity.”

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