Many stones are worn by people according to their star signs. The most common stones that are desired by Indian people are emerald or Panna, pukhraj or yellow sapphire, Neelam or blue sapphire, ruby or ManikRatna, diamonds, etc. These stones usually represent different planets. And whosoever wears these stones gets benefited accordingly. These stones can be worn in different forms of jewelry. 

One of the famous jewelry that is worn in different ways is ruby. This gem is related to the sun. It is said that if it is worn in showers, all the positivity is there with blessing of the lord sun and strengthens the luck. This gemstone is also as precious as diamond and emerald. By wearing this stone, the person feels that he can take decisions in life more firmly. Ruby stone online is available on the official sites of the dealers.

Various things are to be kept in mind by the wearer before wearing this stone are stated as follows:

  • The ruby should weigh between 3 to 6 ratti and should be embedded in gold or silver metal. If it is studded in any other metal, then it would not provide you with desired results.
  • Before wearing this stone, the wearer area should be clean. It is worn in the morning between 5 a.m to 6 a.m. Even the ruby should be kept in Ganga jal for the whole night before the wearing day for tremendous results.
  • The perfect day to wear ruby is Sunday.
  • After wearing ruby, the person needs to offer prayer in front of lord sun and enchant the mantra that is suggested by the astrologer as per the zodiac sign.
  • Always go for the gems that are certified by the government and be careful of fraudsters those you claim that they sell real gemstone.

There are so many benefits of wearing ruby stone. Some of them are listed below:

  • Any person who is suffering from any disease related to blood can wear this stone to have a speedy recovery from it.
  • Any person born under the zodiac sign of Leo and in July to later august should wear this stone to cherish the benefits that are offered by the lord sun.
  • By wearing this stone, the power of memory and concentration also increases. Even it enhances the inner feeling of kindness in the person.
  • It is a very heart-centered stone so it personifies the love of the person.
  • Wearing this stone will support wearers’ wealth and spirituality.
  • It brings spark and new light in the life of the wearer.
  • Any person suffering from any mental unrest can wear this stone as it protects the wearer from bad dreams and evil eyes.

So all these things are to be kept in mind while wearing this beautiful ruby stone. It has many benefits that can be fully used if the good quality of the stone is worn. For the best quality of stones, you can purchase from Khanna gems who are dealing in this business for more than 30 years. They can satisfy their customers with their best services.