Social distancing, which is currently being campaigned by the government, is indeed one way to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Not only for gatherings, the community is also even encouraged to work at home until the situation is considered conducive.

One way to get rid of boredom while at home that is currently being popular is by the TikTok dance. The application originating from China lately is being loved by many people.

As a place to channel creativity, TikTok also later became a source of information. Not a bit of information is shared through this application, such as make up tutorials, style of dress, even the latter popular is a cooking tutorial.

If you turn back the clock, the TikTok application did get criticized because it was considered not to educate. However, more or less two years, this application actually turned into one source of information as well as a medium to release fatigue.

Over time, TikTok continues to grow to try to bring exciting features that can attract users. TikTok’s popularity is currently not only loved by young people, but also to adults.

TikTok’s popularity has also been enjoyed by public figures and celebrities lately. Not a few of these celebrities who use the moment of selft quarantine as a time to play, both alone and with family. In fact, there are not a few homeland artists who invited the crew on the set to dance TikTok together.

In addition to spending free time, not a few artists who use TikTok as a medium to promote works both from film and music. Call it the singer from South Korea, Zico who uses TikTok to make Any Song Challenge.

Because TikTok, the song is fast becoming a new trend. The dance movement of these challenges was quickly viral and copied by many people, almost all over the world. This certainly brings the name of Zico increasingly reaping popularity.

Not only in terms of music, TikTok is also used as a medium to promote the film Miracle in Cell No. 7 Indonesian version. This film is a re-make of a Korean film with a similar title. Some time ago, the players of Miracle in Cell No. Indonesian version 7 introduces itself through videos made on the TikTok platform.

Besides being popular and easy to make, another reason TikTok is acceptable to the younger generation (generation Z) is because of the supportive community base. With TikTok, everyone can create their own content, they can also collaborate so that the content doesn’t seem monotonous.

Of course it cannot be denied, since the outbreak of the Corona virus and the establishment of rules to remain at home, it has finally made the TikTok application increasingly popular. Although many people expect Corona to end soon, the popularity of this application is predicted to continue to rise for the next year.

In addition to being a ‘cure’ for relieving boredom at home, playing TikTok can also bring benefits. Evidently, some people can even earn money just by creating content on TikTok.