Have you ever faced any bad Heathrow taxi service experiences? For example, you get to pay more that was decided in the end, you driver was annoying and made you uncomfortable, you miss your flight, the taxi was late, the driver was clueless about the destination and much more. If you have experienced any of the above situations, the probability is high that you have booked unlicensed taxi service and this something you should avoid. The unlicensed taxis are known for causing inconvenience and discomfort and are also dangerous if you think about it.

There have been incidents reported where the passengers were too acred to bargain fearing that any bad could happen. Most of these people are tourists who are visiting this place for the first time. So there are some relevant points that are practical and provide guidance on how to avoid unlicensed taxi services.

What To Do When Its Your First Experience?

In this situation, the best you can do is explore and do your homework properly. This mitigates the chances of choosing unlicensed taxi services. Search for the company that offers service in your area, payment options, get referrals, and these can help you in choosing the best taxi option.
Further, if you need to pick and drop service from the airport, it is essential that you book a licensed taxi company to avoid a bad experience. Often times, the airport officials can provide right guidance in choosing the right taxi service. You need to know the prices before you hire the service. When you don’t take this seriously then, you get in an unlicensed taxi, and the drivers will make a fool out of you and charge extra money. So don’t get ripped off by these unlicensed taxis.

Professional Taxi Transfer Services Are Always Reliable

One of the most common reasons for booking unlicensed taxi services is the last-minute transport booking. No doubt, emergencies occur, but you need to realize that safety is a high priority. What you can do is have a contact number of a reliable company save in your mobile, so you don’t have to face any inconvenience in case of emergency as well. Apart from the emergency, you need to book a reliable taxi service instead of hailing one on the road. You can even use helplines to assist you in this, instead of falling victim to a scam.

Moreover, you need to look for real reviews. Individuals who have been ripped by certain taxi service post reviews online. It is to save other people from avoiding this service. With this, you can easily book a reliable taxi and go anywhere you want. And don’t have to fear about getting robbed or anything else.

Heathrow taxi services

On the contrary, there are also some unlicensed companies that are popular in the locals, and this makes it easy to fall into the trap. You need to search on Google for registered companies to avoid booking such unlicensed companies. These taxi companies pretend to be licensed ones by adopting all the features of licensed taxis. For example, in the same colors, lights etc. Their targets are innocent tourists. You need to take precautions and avoid getting bluffed by such taxis. Always know the standard fare of the taxi services. Also, check for fake meters because if you ride in a licensed taxi, they display the meter.


When you are visiting a new place for the first time, and don’t have any idea about the taxi services, it is likely that you fall into the trap of unlicensed taxi service. Don’t fall trap of these type of taxi services and follow the guidelines that we have provided. Do practice, take necessary precautions and identify any suspicious activity than trusting blindly.

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