Facebook is the most popular social media platform that attracts users from every generation. Facebook advertisement is the most common strategy adopted by every marketer to increase the reach of their brand. But, not anymore. With the advent of modern digital marketing strategies, facebook has extended its reach to the web platforms.

There are various tools available that diverts your audience from one platform to another. If you wish to flaunt your most liked or shared content beyond the facebook page then it is attainable.

Here are some of the best tools that help you flash your facebook feeds on your website.

Tagembed Facebook Widget

Tagembed is the best social media aggregator that fetches your curated facebook feeds into widgets and displays them across your website. The steps to embed the facebook widget are completely coding-free which saves you from the complex integration procedure. With the moderation feature you monitor which content to put on the website and can remove the unwanted one. This helps you keep your social wall valuable.

Built-in templates can be annoying and Tagembed understands that well. It offers style options, layouts, banners, and designs that customize the content to make it engaging. With the free forever plan, facebook widget leveragesthe benefits of the platform.

Following Are The Steps To Embed Facebook Widget On Your Website

  • Login to the Tagembed account.
  • Click on My Widget and then Embed Widget.
  • Select facebook as the source and choose one of the connection types.
  • Click on Create Feed and login to your facebook business account.
  • Click on Embed Widget and select the website creation platform as per your requirements.
  • Set the pixels of your feed and check the preview. Make further changes if you require.
  • Copy the shortcode and paste it on the editor.

Tagembed fetches your feeds into facebook widget with the help of hashtag, account or mention. 

Facebook Buttons

It is a simple and easy going method that bridges the gap between your web platform and your facebook business page. You can place the buttons anywhere on your website which allows your audience to share the content with their friends and other contacts. 

There Are Four Types Of CTA That Facebook Offers.

  • Like : “Like” button lets your audience share the content with others in no time. It is the quickest method. You get an option to change the Like button to Recommend. Apart from that, there are different layout options and color schemes as well.
  • Send : Send button will allow visitors to privately send the content on your website with their friends/group via message and email. You can alter the pixel of the button, color scheme and put the restriction for children under 13. 
  • Share : Similar to the like button, “Share” allows users to send content on your website to their contacts via email and messaging. In addition to that, you can draft a message with the links before sending to their timeline.
  • Follow : Follow button allows users to subscribe to your facebook updates. It is a promotional tactic for the brands as well as their public figures. 

Facebook Feeds

Apart from buttons, there are two types of feeds that can be a part of your website. The Activity Feed will update your visitors with the recent activity on your website. The activities include liking, sharing or sending content to the contacts. The Recommended Feed showcases the highly recommended content based on these activities.

To begin with the creation procedure, you will need a page ID. Later you can select a CTA (like, share etc.) and the maximum duration of the content to appear on your feed. Functionally, there isn’t a major difference between both the feeds. 

The activity and recommended feed engages a considerable number of your website visitors. They both give them a gist of what activities are taking place on your website and also the amount of response a website is receiving. It majorly depends upon the engagement of your website. Hence, it is important to bridge the gap between your web platform and your facebook page. 

Facebook Posts

If there is a limited number of content to be displayed on your website, then you can opt to embed the post directly. It is the easiest way which requires no time. The embedded content will display every detail about it such as the number of likes, comments and shares it has. 

The Steps To Embed A Post On Your Website Are Mentioned Below

  • Look for the content you want to embed.
  • On the top right corner, you will see a drop down arrow. Click on it.
  • Select the Embed post option.
  • Fix the pixels as per your requirement.
  • Copy the embed code and paste it on the website editor.

You’ll find the post located on the website. Follow the steps for any other post on your feed or timeline. The only condition being, the post should be public. 

Final Thoughts

There isn’t an alternative that turns out to be a bad choice. All you need to do is figure out what works best for you to display facebook widgets on websites. Every method described above has their own merits. You can opt to use them with one another and design a lively website for your brand.