Buying personalized gifts for dad can be tricky. It feels like he already has everything he wants! And don’t bother asking for a wishlist… Between Father’s Day, birthdays, and the holiday season, picking out a gift for dad can feel like a constant struggle!

We’re here to help.

Below are some unique, personal gift ideas that your dad will love:

1.  Classic Cashmere Sweater

Even though fashion might not be your dad’s main interest, you can’t go wrong with a classic staple like the cashmere sweater. Your dad will appreciate the quality and will want to wear it every day that it’s cold out!

Try this one from Everlane for durable high-quality material at an affordable price:

2. Patterned Laptop Sleeve

A personalized patterned laptop sleeve will help him travel in style for any work trip or family vacation. On a website like Society6, you can find laptop sleeves with a wide variety of designs and styles.

Try picking one that has his favorite painting printed on it, or one that takes inspiration from his favorite artistic movements.

3. An interesting biography

Pick a subject that your father admires and see if there are any well-reviewed biographies on that individual. Your dad will love learning more about a compelling figure from history and will appreciate that you remembered one of his interests!

Who does your dad admire? An athletic legend like Muhammad Ali? Maybe a trailblazer of technology like Steve Jobs? A musician he loved growing up, like Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger? Many impressive figures that your father admires have great biographies written about them!

He will love to sit down to a great book about an individual from history he’s always looked up to.

4. A nice print for the living room

A personalized print can make your house feel like a home. Your dad will love the personalized touch that a site like Family Gifts Co. can offer. You can upload your family names and have a personalized print sent to your door. The perfect gift for a family man!

The site has an assortment of print designs that you can add personalization to. Pick a print themed around something your dad loves– nature, city life, animals, etc… There’s something for everyone here!

5. An indoor plant to brighten up his office

Your dad will love the way a pop of green will change up his space. Give your dad a gift that will keep on giving! He will love caring for it just like he has loved caring for you over the years. The Sill sells indoor plants online.

They provide a nice array of plant options for you to choose from– from Fiddleleaf fig trees to the resilient pothos.


Your dad deserves to be celebrated! Show him how much you appreciate him by giving him a thoughtful, intentional, personal gift.

Whether you want to get him a present for the holidays, for his birthday, or “just because,” this list is a great place to start in finding him a gift that he didn’t even know he wanted.

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