Among all tattoo categories, rib tattoos are the most painful ones. But it is also regarded as a cool fashion trend. Rib tattoos are very popular among boys and girls and it is a permanent design on your skin.

If you are looking for an extraordinary tattoo and want to enhance your appearance then rib tattoo is your perfect choice. It will bring a lot of pleasure to your life. Girls can emphasize the dignity of their figure via their rib tattoos.

The tattoo is a big commitment for anyone as it is such a great design. There is a wide range of rib tattoos designs that you can choose for your rib. The rib tattoo signifies various meanings of life and you can design according to your wish. Your tattoo design should be such that you should be comfortable with it.

People also design rib tattoo just for popularity and showcase their personality. A charming and small pattern on your spotless skin over the rib cage gives you an excellent look.

Top 5 Rib Tattoos for Boys and Girls    

There are many rib rib tattoos designs such as minimalistic tattoos, letter tattoos, flower tattoos, feather tattoo, rose tattoo, flower tattoo, quote tattoo, and many more.

 Therefore, now not making you wait for any further, here are the top rib tattoo ideas for both boys and girls that will hold your attention for a while,

  • Adorable Women Rib Tattoo Design:

This tattoo is very adorable because it is very small in size and you don’t have to undergo so much of pain. The tattoo is very simple and small in size. It is a tiny flower design with leaves at the side.

Any woman can achieve this minimalist design in a very short period of time. Those women who don’t loves big rib tattoo design then can go for this design. It will enhance your appearance more among others.

  • Freedom Rib Cage Tattoo Design:

There are many boys and girls who loves independent life without any restrictions. Freedom rib cage tattoo design is for those who want to want to live free like birds.

Those who love to stay free like birds and move from one place to another then rib tattoo will define your personality of living a free life without any rules and restrictions. This tattoo can define the main moto of your life i.e., living an independent life. Therefore, this tattoo is a perfect choice for you in 2020.

  • Rib Skull Tattoo Design:

Rib skull tattoo design is admired by many of you. It is because this tattoo signifies that there is no guarantee of your life. You can die at any moment. So, living your life without any worries regarding your death can make your life better.

This tattoo is sketched on the ribs where a skull is outlined in an excellent way. Therefore, after you design this tattoo on your ribs, you just live your life happily and teach others too to live a life without any tension. Personally, I love this design on my ribs as it is very unique and beautiful.

  • Marvelous Men’s Rib Tattoo Design:

Marvelous men’s rib tattoo design is extraordinary and beautiful in appearance. Basically, in this tattoo, a tribal lady image is depicted covering the sides and entire ribs of the person in an artistic way.

Then there is a featured crown that adds an extra element to your design and gives an admiring look to the design. On the other hand, this rib tattoo is very popular among teenagers. It will showcase your personality more in front of others in your colleges and professional jobs.

This rib tattoo is designed mainly for men to highlight their appearance ad regarded as an ideal rib tattoo for them.

  • Stunning Female Rib Tattoos Design: 

Stunning Female Rib Tattoo Design can be designed by both boys and girls. Those who are trying to bring unrest in the society with their actions then this rib tattoo design is perfect for them.

It lays emphasis on the person that people’s deeds are against society laws. This is a small gun tattoo design and has a remarkable appearance. It defines your personality. It is a unique rib tattoo design that will hold your attention for a while.

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! Now you know all the top five rib tattoo design for boys and girls that you should not miss it anyhow. Design these rib tattoos on your rib cage and you will see the difference yourself. You can also design the motto of your life on your ribs that you are following at present and want to follow in your entire life.

Read the features and purpose of each rib tattoo before designing on your ribs. You need to consider the size as well as the budget.

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