With life becoming technology-driven and primarily revolving around the smartphones, modes of entertainment have also compacted into the mobile platform. Playing games on mobile is the new trend for killing time, entertaining, and learning as well. As a result, as an industry, it bears an infinite potential. The unprecedented craze of mobile gaming results in the emergence of a number of  Mobile Game Development Services.

According to an estimation, the mobile gaming industry rose to $128.5 Billion by 2020 and covers around 50% share of the entire gaming market share. So, in this article, let’s see a few aspects of mobile game development and several tools preferred by the developers to develop games. 

Here is How to Choose the Best Mobile Game Developer 

As the technologies get advanced due to the arrival of augmented reality and virtual reality, the gaming industry is modifying itself every now and then. As the number of mobile game development service providers and development companies is increasing like never before, it is important for an investor to choose a suitable mobile game development agency for the best possible result. 

In order to Hire Mobile Game Developer, an investor must consider a few things, such as:

    • The variety of gameplay that the developer provides so that gamers can stay engaged in the game for more time. 
    • The compatibility of the games developed by the agencies, so that games can be popular among a variety of users. 


  • The uniqueness of the game developed by this Mobile Game Development Company.


  • Chatbot service.
  • The marketing strategy adopted by the developer. 
  • The cost factor involved in game development.
  • The investor must compare their own budget, capability, and cost of developer and estimated returns. 

Here are the Top 7 Mobile Game Development Tools Preferred by Developers

So, let’s take a look at the top 7 tools adopted by the developers for advanced game development:

  1. Unreal Engine 4 (UE4):

This is basically an updated version of UDK (Unreal Development Kit). It has been released by Epic Games. UE4 have brilliant graphical specialties like advanced dynamic lighting and a new particle system that can handle up to a million particles in the same scene simultaneously. This tool is very extremely useful for 3D game developers.

Unreal Engine 4 is quite an updated version as compared to its predecessor. UE 4 uses C++ as the basic scripting language, a replacement of Unreal Script. It also comes with a user-friendly blueprint system. The low cost of UE4 plays an essential role in its growing popularity among the developers.

The tool can be adapted for Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game development. 


  1. Unity:

It is a game development engine that offers a large number of features for both 2D and 3D game development. Using this tool, a developer can build games for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry platforms. This engine is getting developed for various supporting features. The platform comes with a variety of pricing options.


  1. Corona SDK:

Corona SDK is a cross-platform to develop 2D games for smartphones, Apple TV, and Android TV platforms. The tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. 

Corona SDK uses Lua as the scripting language, and it is popular among the developers, owing to its short learning curve. You can avail this tool at a minimal price point, and the base version is completely free of cost.  



  • Lumberyard:


Lumberyard is a free AAA game engine tool developed by Lumberyard, which can be used for Android, iOS, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Lumberyard is based on CryEngine that provides a lot of tools to create quality AAA games. It includes full C++ source code, networking, Audiokinetic’s feature-rich sound engine, and seamless cloud integration. It has good graphics, which helps in developing high performing 3D games. There is no licencing fee or royalties attached to this game developing tool.  



  • Coscos2D-x:


Coscos2D-x is a 2D game development kit for Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Blackberry mobile phones. This open-source tool has free community support and detailed documentation. Thanks to its resources efficiency, you can develop a game as tiny as under 1.5MB. This platform evolved over time and became a preferred choice for many game developers across the globe. Its low cost is giving this platform a definite advantage over its competitors. 



  • Buildbox


Buildbox is a 2D game development engine that allows users to build simple games without using any code. Buildbox offers a clean user interface to develop user-friendly gaming platforms. 

The tool can be used for both the Android and iOS platform and work fine as a cross-platform game development engine. However, the higher cost limits the growth of this highly capable game developing tool. 



  • SpriteKit:


SpriteKit has been launched by Apple to create 2D games. This tool supports both Swift and Objective -C languages and hence offers game developers a wide range of features that help them to create high – performance 2D games. As it is supported by Apple, developers don’t have to download extra libraries or external sources. 

Wrapping it off

These powerful Mobile Game Development Tools are mainly responsible for the development of creating highly complicated games. They also play an important role in integrating the latest technologies, such as AR, VR, cloud-gaming, and the long list will go on. Using these popular tools, developers are able to achieve an easy to use interface and smooth game playing experience. The combination of efficient tools and powerful mobile processors is playing a big role in the evolution of mobile gaming. 

The popular games such as Pubg, Candy Crush, Jump, etc. have revolutionized the gaming industry. As a number of youths are inclining towards mobile gaming, the investors are finding a good opportunity of return. However, it is necessary for the investors to take consideration of the performance of the tool that the developers use for the development of the game and the level of marketing they provide. All these collectively would serve the purpose of the business and popularity of the game. So, Mobzway Technologies can help you in developing online games using different mobile game development tools.