With occupational stress becoming more commonplace, as more and more people take time off work due to stress-related illness, the cost to business rises with it. A variety of new stress-fighting strategies are being introduced into the workplace to address these rising figures. Massage in Bur Dubai is one of the most common. Mentioned below are the top ten massage techniques.

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  1. Massage Swedish

This is the most basic and most common of all massage techniques, as it is traditionally the first to be learned by masseuses. Five fundamental steps or sub-techniques consist of the Swedish massage technique.

Of Effleurage. This first move involves the hands getting long sweeping strokes, gliding across the body. The primary function of this is to relax the muscles.

From Petrissage. The muscles are gently manipulated in this next step by being squeezed and lifted from the body. This is to relax and increase circulation in the muscles.

With friction. In this step, the masseuse adds heat to the skin and muscle by rubbing the surface with deep, circular motions.

Vibration. This last move includes shaking the skin gently with your fingers or hand. This releases any residual stress in the muscles that may exist and therefore increases circulation.

  1. Massage for Deep Tissue

This form of massage technique is particularly good for specific areas of the body to be handled. Typically, the masseuse would use their elbows or knuckles on their fingertips, operating through the muscle fibre and over tendons with long deep movements. This will restrict and release blood into the muscle, re-energize fresh oxygen tissue, and eliminate more complex muscle fibre knots.

  1. Massage for Sports

A combination of other massage techniques is the Sports Massage form. Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage and Trigger Point massage are the chief techniques used. Trigger Point massage involves the masseuse defining the muscle region affected by finding a hardness in the tissue with the last described, and then operating directly with the fingers on that area before the muscle relaxes.

  1. The Reflexology

This massage technique is for hands and feet in particular. Firstly, before working, the foot/hand is gently stoked and rubbed to warm the area. The masseuse would then investigate the subject using their thumbs and fingertips, including the space between the fingers and toes, to locate any irregularities. Before the masseuse goes on to the next area, an area that requires special attention will be gently compressed and rubbed. The masseuse will gently massage and stroke the hand or foot again until the hand or foot has been done, to alleviate any discomfort.

  1. Hot Massage with Stone

Hot Stone Massage uses heated stones, as the name suggests. The stones used are smooth and are pre-heated beforehand in water. They are placed on various parts of the body until the stones are at work temperature. The heat from the stones penetrates the muscles, which relaxes them, stretches the fibres of the muscles and enhances circulation.

  1. Massage by Shiatsu

The fingers and thumbs on the acupuncture pressure points on the body are used by this eastern oriental massage technique and are also known as acupressure. During a massage session, some masseurs do use their elbows and knees. Through tapping, pressing, rubbing and deeply digging, the pressure points of the body are manipulated, which activates and restores the flow of energy across the body. This procedure relieves discomfort and relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation throughout the body.

  1. Massage Neuromuscular

A particular muscular complaint focuses on this specific technique. The masseuse will focus on the separate region and find the trigger point that triggers the issue inside that muscle. For a prolonged time, the masseuse will apply constant pressure to the fingertips, knuckles or elbows. This will promote muscle circulation and alleviate any pain or discomfort.

  1. Massage for Pregnancy

Thanks to the essence of breastfeeding, pregnancy massage methods are advanced. The back and buttocks, legs and feet are mainly the areas that are hidden. The masseuse will use a soft fist for the back and buttocks and will draw their knuckles from the neck down to the hips and then run the first back up to the ribs.