Best BIM software has replaced the traditional blueprints and CAD software to give a realistic visual image of a building. The users of Building Design and Building Information Management software include owners, architect, contractors and engineers.

Top BIM software offers a single place where all architectural, construction and engineering processes can be combined and provides a collaborative environment for the stakeholders to put in their efforts.
Top BIM software features are listed below:

Using a BIM software can help the stakeholders get a better estimation of the project as a realistic visualization of the building helps in getting correct estimate of the time and the resources involved. Real time changes done to the design can help in the optimization of the cost.
Even before the construction begins, the client can have a complete image of what the actual building would look like and can suggest alterations at the very moment, so that the final building meets all expectations.
BIM Software identifies the clashes which might happen in the real construction and thus avoid the occurrences of errors when the actual construction takes place.
BIM software documents every aspect of the architecture, design and construction, thus helps in proper scheduling of the tasks. It ensures that the project timeline aligns with the plan.
BIM software identifies the hazard which might happen during the project thus keeping the construction premise safe for all the workers.
They save all the alterations made to the plan, making sure files remain safe and no deviations happen from the planned design.
These software deliver a collaborative work environment where all stakeholders can contribute and can monitor the status of the project. They offer tools which allow smooth integration of all the models and coordination between stakeholders.
Realistic visualization of the building aids in running simulations to see how the built space would look like across different seasons of the year and even at different times of day in different lighting conditions.
Help in proper planning with detailing out all the processes which need to be followed in a stepwise approach.
BIM Software deliver a clear image of the complete project, enabling engineers and architects to present the digital outcomes of their efforts much confidently.
Most of the Top BIM software are cloud-based, which enables stakeholders to view and collaborate at ease form their own place.

Top BIM Vendors

AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Plant 3D
BIM Track
Trimble RealWorks

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