Are you thinking of designing a React Native app for your business or simply willing to hire React Native developers for the project? In any of these scenarios, your developer needs to understand the challenges associated with it. This knowledge will help to deal with the unthought issues and in the long run, it will ensure an enriching experience for the users.

So, in this article, we have outlined some of the most common issues and errors that the developers could encounter with the ways to deal with them. We have also mentioned a few limitations of this framework.

Common Errors Encountered during React Native Development

Error in Development Server:

At times, the React Native developers may face the issue in which the screen shows the message- “could not connect to the development server.” This error occurs when there is an issue with the metro bundler. To resolve this, the metro bundler needs to be restarted. So, the developers should turn off the previous metro bundler, then navigate to “Your Project Directory” and hit the command- “npm start.” Lastly, they need to open another tab to run the command- “react-native run-android/react-native run-ios” and this issue gets resolved with ease.

Error during App Registration:

When an app is developed in React Native and the developers run the app, they may view the error which says- “Your App is not registered.” This error message arises due to a small mistake while creating the app- not writing the correct app name in your app.json file. This issue can be easily resolved by simply correcting the app name in this file.

“Module not found” error:

This error occurs when the React Native developers create the .js files in a hurry and don’t give the correct path to it. The issue can be resolved by providing the right path for files.

Error in React Native Firebase library:

In case the Firebase library for React Native is not linked or even installed properly, there are chances of getting an error that shows- “Firebase.h not found” or “FirebaseCore.h not found” messages. This issue can be easily solved by either re-installing the library or re-linking it manually rather than automatically.

“Undefined is not an object” error:

When some references are not declared correctly or adequately defined, there are chances of receiving an error indicating- “Undefined is not an object” message. This error can be dealt with by referring to the variable in the description of the issue.

Other Challenges associated with React Native development

  • Performance Issues: Since React Native is still in its infancy, several performance issues arise. However, the Facebook team is working on the development of a new architecture that seems quite promising and will help in solving the issues of bridge serialization and also improve the communication between the JavaScript and native elements.
  • Debugging and compatibility issues: Developers may face several issues with debugging tools or issues like package compatibility. So, it is vital for the business to hire React Native development services that are proficient and experienced to overcome such issues.
  • The requirement of Native developers: Since native features and components are required to be used during the development process due to heavy computation requirements, the project team requires the skillset of Native developers as well. Also, while using an SDK like Google Analytics, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the native library’s core working. In such scenarios, Native developers are required.
  • Abstraction layer limitations: Abstraction layers are developed for rendering better functionality to the React Native applications. But any errors in these layers can cause major errors in the apps and these errors are way too difficult to detect and rectify. Also, for implementing these layers, the users need to rely on third-party services for keeping the framework updated, which further leads to complications.
  • Lack of custom modules: For some rare requirements, modules or components are still under-developed and in some cases not even available. In this case, the developers might need to either build the modules from scratch or hack the existing ones.
  • The different behavior of the components in different platforms: Ideally, when a component is used in an app for working on both platforms, it is expected to behave in the same manner, but this may not be the case always. So, the developers should be aware of these issues for a better end-product.

Concluding Words:

React Native is a vibrant technology and has become very popular in a short time. A growing number of users are choosing React Native development for varying projects. Various tech giants are already using this framework and some have even switched to it completely. But the users must also be aware of its shortcomings along with the errors and issues that may occur during development which are depicted in this article. So, we hope that this article has provided you with the required insights.

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