We live in a period that is familiar with the convenience and accessibility welcomed by advancement in the field of technology. Mobile apps, specifically, have totally changed how various industries work. The service business has been changed over the past years to increasingly cater to this mobile application market.

Following the achievement of taxi and food delivery services, different sectors as well, have jumped on board. The grocery business, for instance, has a lot of potentials to oblige this demand and more grocery chains are availing this service of their customers. Grocery delivery applications like BigBasket, Instacart, and Grofers are a gigantic hit among customers for various reasons.

The ascent in grocery delivery app development is one such change that is brought because of the pandemic (COVID-19) crisis. Grocery applications have now been popular, and the emergence of various brands for the purpose is its ideal proof of it.

The grocery delivery app has basically 3 inside apps followed by an admin dashboard. So wondering what are the three apps?

  • Customer app
  • Store app
  • Driver app

Here are some key features to consider if you want your grocery delivery app to be successful:


Customers can register through mobile number or email or can directly login through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

User Profile

After successful login, customers can set their profiles by adding their names, addresses, etc.

Browse Products

Customers can select a specific product from the wide range of groceries that are listed down with complete details of the products.

Search Products

For customers who are certain what they need to buy, the advanced search option assists them in finding the product they are searching for.

Scheduled Delivery

Customers can schedule the delivery by selecting the time slot they would like to get the order delivered.

Order tracking

With this most important feature, customers can track the status of what is happening to the order they placed.

Multiple Payment Options

Each of the payment alternatives that are integrated into the app allows customers to make the payment in a safe and trusted manner. There are multiple payment options available like credit/debit cards, E-wallets, COD, etc.

Push Notification

With this feature, shoppers will get notifications about new grocery items, offers, and other events.

Discounts and Offers

This section shows offers and discounts that are currently running and available on purchases. This attracts the buyer to make intentional purchases.

Ratings and Reviews

This is one significant part that ought not to be avoided. Based on the service you offer, customers can rate and reviews out of 5. This will help you to improve your service.

Benefits For Customers:

There are many benefits associated with the customers every time they choose to buy groceries from a grocery delivery app.

A better view of inventory: The grocery application lists all the products that are available in the store in an organized manner. Additionally, looking for any product becomes easy when utilizing a grocery app. It also imparts you with detailed information on the product and furthermore alerts you if the required product is out of stock.

Variety: The grocery delivery application enables you to select from a variety of brands of a single product. Also, the grocery apps have a huge lineup of products as compared to the retail store.

Doorstep delivery: Ordering from a grocery delivery app ensures doorstep delivery that not just saves the effort of going out to buy groceries but also the fuel expenses thus making it cost-efficient and a convenient mode of shopping.

How much does it cost to make an on-demand grocery delivery app?

Cost is a crucial factor for developing a grocery delivery app as it totally relies upon the complexity level of the application. You can create an app with basic features or you can decide to go for an advanced application with top-notch features and functionality. But the approximate cost of a simple on-demand grocery app can be $4000-$8000 and highly complex app costs more than $20000.

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