Choosing another place to live is a decision that requires the utmost diligence, research, analysis and attention. You can’t afford to make a mistake that can become a liability for a long time. Moreover, you can’t get yourself involved in any legal dispute either. There are a lot of factors that can work against you when you think of taking on the real estate market alone. Therefore, it’s clear that whether you’re thinking of going for a studio, a villa or even a 2 BHK flat for sale in South Mumbai, you need professional help.

Those who have the experience and exposure of being in the market will agree that things get much easier if you hire agents. Setting aside the instances in which the agents are either fake or fraudulent, they can help you with the official process. In addition to this, dedicated agents can even negotiate on your behalf and make sure that the deal goes in your favour.  

Having established the need and benefits of hiring professional help, let’s take a look at some of the areas you’ll find worthy off checking out for your new home in Mumbai:


It’s not just Mumbai that Bandra is known to be the queen of suburbs in. The whole of India recognizes the appeal that manages to attract the attention of locals and NRIs towards this residential community. Rightfully deemed as the best place to live in Mumbai, Bandra East and West are two divisions that each connect the residential sector with the main attractions of the city. In addition to top-notch accessibility and close proximity to points of daily interests for families and couples, Bandra also features the best amenities that one can want. Boasting an active lifestyle in the heart of the metropolitan, the surrounding area offers parks, schools, top-tier hospitals and institutions as well.

The fact that the nearby Bandra Kurla Complex is a commercial hub, fares well in favour of the area’s attractive features. Employees and business owners who have to commute to the area daily can find it convenient to live nearby as well.


Known in Mumbai as the residential community of the wealthiest, Andheri is another local favourite area in the city. Connecting to the Juhu Beach and offering scenic views of the coastal horizons and access to the markets make Andheri an attractive choice. You can find everything that you’ll ever need in the nearby markets. For anything that you can’t find in the area, you can access the main city which is a few minutes away.

The metropolitans’ best educational and medical institutions are in the area surrounding Andheri. More residential communities along with attraction points lie nearby such as the Erangal Beach, Mahakali Caves, Dana Pani Beach, etc. Coupled with the restaurants and commercial markets that are abundant in the area, the place becomes a great spot to spend your leisure with your loved ones.

Malabar Hills

An upscale neighbourhood located in the south side of Mumbai, Malabar Hills boast of an attractive and luxurious lifestyle that is unmatched in the contemporary market. Although the costs of the property right along the coastline can seem much, the appealing factors such as the attractions, amenities and facilities are undeniable. The presence of the Hanging Gardens, Jain Temple and Banganga Tank make for a peaceful residential experience. Moreover, considering how the governmental officials reside in the area such as the residences of VVIP state officials and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra’s Bungalow, you can be sure that the security and safety in the area are top-notch as well.

Worli Sea Face

Worli is an upstanding neighbourhood located on the bank of Mumbai. Home to the most notable billionaires and celebrities of India, such as Akshay Kumar, Virat Kohli, Abhishek Bachan, etc., Worli is a top-notch locality that offers everything. From sea view apartments in Mumbai and villas to market accessibility along with high-class amenities and facilities; the residential neighbourhood connects you to the rest of the world.

You can find fitness centres, gyms, local marts and supermarkets, malls, restaurants and much more in the area. Although the price cap might exceed your budget expectation at first, the value of the land will certainly seem justified once you consider it all. The Bandra-Worli Sea Link is a feature that sets it apart from all other residential areas in the city. This access to the main city alone is enough to make people consider the importance of the residences in Worli. Uninterrupted connecting highway route to the main city makes for easy transportation access.

Moreover, since some of the wealthiest live in the surrounding, it follows logically that the security is tight. This means that you can be sure of safety and security when in Worli.