Our muscles are irrepressible. They are the reason we can walk, climb, run, and carry things around without any hassle. However, as we grow older, they begin to melt away and start to weaken when we reach our 30s.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon continues to accentuate at an even faster rate after age 60. Studies show that this loss of muscle accelerates the onset of diseases, limits flexibility, and is associated with premature death.

That said, exercise can guard you against diseases, reduce your waistline, and extend your lifespan. Health and fitness have a direct correlation to happiness and success. Longstanding research has figured out that exercise that improves our cardiovascular activity brings numerous health benefits, including lowered blood pressure; enhanced cardiovascular health; strengthening of the immune system; regulation of weight; and normalization of blood sugar.

That is why, as the average number of gym attendees is increasing, so are the chiropractic specialists and personal trainers. Here are the main elements at play that are contributing to the increase in the fitness industry:

Health Insurance Costs

Healthy people cost less to insure, and employers and insurers finally started believing that they can trim insurance charges by incentivizing healthy lifestyles. As the spending on health is increasing, that’s a big deal for every company’s bottom line. And therefore, it’s a great opportunity for those who can get benefits from such incentives.

Many insurers and employers can cover the price of a health club membership or studio classes, as long as the workers show they truly use them. This is a very steadily-growing section of the market. Although health insurance is usually not large enough on its own to drive the success of a health club or studio,  it is becoming a very appreciated source of additional revenue in the industry.

The Accentuated Demand for Healthy Foods

In recent years, the demands of consumers have been relocating from industrial-scale processed food to healthier, more natural, and organic options. This switch is compelling people across the world to be more aware of the food they eat – which has had the tremendous effect of making more people concerned about their fitness.

Once consumers start analyzing more carefully about their dietary choices, they logically initiate thinking about other ways they can improve their health. One of them includes, of course, joining a health club or fitness studio.


Devices such as the Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, and even many of the smartphones we carry along with us, are putting tailored biometric health statistics at billions of people’s fingertips. Now people can easily analyze the steps they are taking per day, the calories they burn, the rate of their heartbeat, and their blood pressure. All these things are making them much more in tune with how their body works and how they can enhance their fitness.

This growing awareness compels people to pay attention to this digital feedback and start making more healthy choices in other facets of life as well.

Budget-friendly Gyms

There are two segments of the fitness industry that have been responsible for attracting the people: Boutique fitness studios and “high-value, low-price” (HVLP) health clubs.

HVLP gyms are attracting members due to their inexpensive memberships – typically ranges between $10 – $20 per-month range – and the provision of a number of facilities in terms of classes, equipment, and amenities. Although budget gyms have been active around the years, this new trend of HVLP gyms typically beats out the more traditional budget players in the variety of fitness apparatus and classes at play, and the all-in-one pricing structure.

Streaming Exercises Classes

Many exercise classes have been streaming on different platforms on the internet for a while. However, these days, they are now hitting the mainstream. That’s good news for the people with hectic routines – which is to say, a good initiative for all of us.

Before this, people who couldn’t find the time to get to the gym, they wouldn’t exercise. However, now personal trainers in Dubai and anywhere in the world can stream an exercise class into the T.V. Therefore, people can do exercise before they have to get the kids to school or at lunchtime, whenever they find it feasible.

In a nutshell, given the fact that the only best way to burn fat and hold onto muscle is to combine diet with training, there should be no beating around the bush anymore.