Technology hackathons are a good chance of bringing together tech enthusiasts from various fields of work. These not only help bring out the talent that those enthusiasts possess but also provides a chance for companies to find a suitable resource for their workspace. The main purpose of hackathons is to encourage the enthusiasts to pitch in an idea that solves a problem facing their society.

Hackathon theme ideas:

Hackathons often have a specific theme. The theme helps in orienting the lineup of the whole event. More than the lineup and event management perspective, the projects of the participants revolve around the theme.

Some of the themes you can consider are as follows:

City planning

In tech hackathons, you don’t only need people to code but to provide a viable solution to a problem people are facing anywhere in the world. You can opt for city planning as the theme of your hackathon event. Every city has planning issues; now, you will have several groups that will look at a certain problem in their own way and thus bring forward their unique proposed solution. 

Equitable resource distribution

Resource distribution is one area that still needs work in almost every society. It is another theme that could incorporate in your corporate event cum tech hackathon. 

Sustainable energy

The energy requirements of your city may be increasing every passing day. In the meanwhile, the wastage is also increasing. You cannot put a stop to it, but you can expect qualified engineers to sit together, brainstorm, and discuss the possibilities of possibilities.

This article will provide you with tips that will help achieve your event goals successfully.   

Six tips for managing a tech hackathon event successfully

Hackathons are a very potent opportunity for corporate companies to make the most use of in terms of marketing and improving brand recognition levels. Following are some useful tips for companies to follow when they arrange their hackathons:

   1- Involve all teams of your company

While you are organizing a tech-related hackathon as a corporate event, you do not need to confine the event participation to engineers and IT professionals. Involve all teams of your organization. While all of them cannot code, they can be part of participating groups for brainstorming and pinpointing problems that need immediate attention.

  2- Make it engaging for the community

Engage people from your community in order for your event to leave an impact on society. Identify potential sponsors and collaborate with them for marketing purposes. With this engagement, you will be able to promote your event and thus improve your business image.

  3- Keep clarity of goals and scope

Without a clearly defined scope, it gets difficult to keep the working of an event in bounds. The boundaries and limitations are guided by the scope of any event. Thus, it is imperative to spend a good amount of time on defining the scope of the hackathon before moving towards any step involving execution.

  4- Invite judges with diverse backgrounds

While you would want a lot of people to be there at the hackathon either as audiences or as participants coming up with a solution, make sure you pay attention to your event’s jury as well. The participants can have a varying level of talent thus, you must ensure that the judges are selected accordingly as well. You must go for judges with diverse backgrounds so that the judgment is neutral and not biased in favor of any particular field. 

  5- Must implement a theme

Every event has a purpose. When you designate a theme for an event, reaching the end goal or fulfilling that purpose gets easier. If your decide saving the planet as your event’s core theme, it gives you a sense of purpose while deciding the lineup of the event while marketing it as well as while describing it to your prospective participants and attendees. 

  6- Incorporate remote access

Usually, many interested people miss out on participation in hackathons because they cannot show up on the event venue on the designated date. Nowadays, when technology makes it so easy to access a desktop remotely, it is only advantageous to allow people to participate remotely with early registration and well-defined limitations. 

Are you planning your tech hackathon soon?

The trend of technological hackathons is gaining traction in the present world. People from all fields of work and study are thus interested in presenting their solutions and ideas for real-world problems. If you are about to arrange your event, you need the help of event planning professionals. You can get in touch with the best source available for assistance in arranging consumer and corporate events Dubai based to achieve your event’s objectives successfully.

Here’s to a successful hackathon!