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Magento has been in the eCommerce domain for long. Over the years, it has garnered a huge market share. From bigger purchases to even online grocery, every consumer now is moving to online shopping and that’s because of the advent of an unprecedented mobile shopping surge.  Additionally, the fashion industry has braced for a change and has been doing business online for many years now.

Many fashion brands serving with shoes, accessories, apparel, and even jewelry have their online identity. If you see through, many fashion and lifestyle retailers have established their e-store on the Magento eCommerce Platform irrespective of Community or Enterprise edition.

Magento Fashion and Lifestyle stores

  • Christian Louboutin
  • Bvlgari
  • Harvey Nicholas
  • Hermes
  • Kurt Geiger
  • Linda Farrow
  • Missguided

There is more to this list. When you explore the full list, it is pretty understandable that Magento is the most trusted and preferred eCommerce framework the fashion industries crave for.  For eCommerce Development Company too, they use this open-source platform in the first place.  Magento is a proven lifestyle framework for all levels of merchants. Provided Magento 2, it is also moving towards being a topmost sought-after digital shop platform designed to offer seamless omnichannel experience with its loads of new features like improved CMS.

As we nail down its features, we would get to know why Magento rules over some other platforms in the same trade including Salesforce Hybris or Commerce Cloud, Demandware and Shopify plus.

Fashion and Lifestyle succeeding with Magento eCommerce platform

Different ultra-successful fashion brands have chosen Magento over other competitions in the market. We would rather say small and growing businesses find this platform suitable for the fashion industry too. Let’s check out.

  1. Scalability built in the platform 

$1bn online store is being made on Magento platforms. And a large number of fashion merchants own these online fashion retail shops. Meeting the standard of high peaks around seasonal sales or holiday offers and discounts and also new collection releases is quite easy with Magento’s diverse experience.

Around Black Friday sales, Magento can handle huge traffic easily and stand strong even the influx of huge customer demand.  Additionally, know that Magento 1.x and Magento 2 stores have been built keeping in mind its scalability in any condition.

Although Magento is sturdy and scalable enough to handle traffic unless it gets upkeep and maintenance during high peak/high traffic seasons from an expert Magento developer, things will be pretty tough for everyone.

  1. High-end Content Management system

Open source Magento has a high-quality solution fors content management system. CMS makes marketing activities quite easy and flexible when it comes to promoting your products and services. This built-in feature in Magento helps merchants to create exciting and dynamic marketing campaigns and offers valuable information to your customers. The best part of this feature is that it does not cost a single penny to do so. Remember, when you have quality content on your store, it sends a great visual representation about your store and instantly attracts the attention of the buyers.

You must put a great detail of attention and focus on your store development with an emphasis on CMS so that it helps you distinguish your store, increase the rate of visibility on different SEO platforms and build trust among your users. Keep updating your store with elegant and stylish content. Hire Magento Development service from renowned eCommerce Development Company as you look to build a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

In case, if you are not satisfied with built-in CMS, you can also use third-party products. These integrations have easy drag-n-drop features or some have a widget-based content management system to ease your process. Larger merchants or publishers intended to revamp their storefronts can benefit from these integrations.  At the same time, it means fewer overheads for merchants.

  1. Lifestyle partner integrations

Magneto becomes a true partner for a lifestyle business that is because a large number of Magento support partners are operating across the world. Additionally, many software integrators have concentrated around the fashion and lifestyle domain. That’s being the reason; Magento can help build highly scalable and high-performance fashion stores integrated with lifestyle-based agencies or integrators.

This flexibility strength helps absorb creativity and improved skills to add to the fashion design and store development. Some of the large parts of Magento partner eco-system include,

  • Corra
  • Inviqa
  • Lewis Commerce
  • Vaimo

To be able to work along with this partner, you must have in place a comprehensive in-house development team support. Look no further than a certified Magento eCommerce Development partner.

  1. Visual merchandizing in Magento 2.x

This is an important fashion store building criteria when larger merchants don’t get enough from rule-based merchandizing features. Larger lifestyle or fashion brands must make use of it when they need to woo customers with trends and a range of fashion brand combinations.

Merchants can access this feature from all types of Magento 2.x platform. In addition to it, you can combine rule-based merchandizing with this new version and create rule-based attributes to products for more personalization traction.

  1. Complex product type support

A wide range of complex products can be displayed on the Magento platform. Merchants have it easy to put together 7 different products on their storefront, so all types of customers beyond parent and children can find everything from a single digital retail store.

The product types are configurable products, simple products, bundled products, grouped product among others. Configurable product is such a flexible feature that allows fashion merchants to segment products based on color, size and style variants. Similarly, grouped or bundled products are great to sell items together. Also, merchants can implement gift cards such as redemptions, discounts, coupons, and balance against account using this feature.

  1. Product campaign on rule-based

Product attributes can be added together to the rule-based product promotions, which is a great add-on of Magento. This helps merchants with up-sells and cross-sells rule development. Using the attribute category, you can segregate products under a parent category and suggest recommendations for buyers. You can use this to sell fashion products alongside large catalogs.

Summing up

Magento gives you more reasons to delve deep into its features and performance in the fashion and lifestyle space. Its scalability and extendibility become a large selling point to be desired by every fashion brand, especially large merchants struggle during huge seasonal peaks. If you need support to build a Magento store for fashion business or migrate your current fashion online store to Magento, talk to some experts like Bytes Technolab.