About loss of libido

 Loss of libido (sex drive) is a commonplace hassle affecting up to one in 5 men – and even extra women – sooner or later in their life.

It’s often linked to professional and personal stress, or essential life-converting occasions together with pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

However, an sudden loss of libido – specially while it lasts for a long time or keeps returning – also can imply an underlying personal, medical or lifestyle hassle, which may be scary to both partners in a relationship.

If you’re worried about your libido, specifically if your diminished intercourse drive distresses you or impacts your relationship, make an appointment to see your GP to talk about any underlying causes and possible medical or psychological treatments.

Relationship problems

The first aspect you should recollect is whether or not you’re glad in your relationship. Do you have got any doubts or issues that may be the real purpose for your lack of sexual desire?


Loss of libido is a huge worry for lots men—and their partners. Decreased sex force has all varieties of repercussions. It can lead to strained relationships, lack of self-esteem or even depression. Determining the cause of decreased sexual desire is the primary step toward convalescing a healthful intercourse life.


Unlike women, healthful guys don’t revel in the fast drop in intercourse hormones that accompanies female menopause. Men do, however, produce fewer hormones over time. Testosterone levels start to drop two to a few percent every 12 months after a man turns 30. By age 50, thirty-4 percent of men have low testosterone, and about half of men have low levels by means of age 80.

These low testosterone tiers may purpose or contribute to erectile dysfunction, decreased vitality, reduced muscle mass, accelerated body fat and osteoporosis. There’s controversy over whether testosterone alternative can help, however fortunately, even with reduced levels of testosterone, maximum guys are usually in a position to revel in active sex lives.


While testosterone is vital for sexual performance, low hormone levels are not the handiest motive of sexual disorder in men. There are many different causes, which encompass chronic conditions like diabetes and depression, as nicely as positive medications. Call NowMob: +91-9136363692, 9871605858





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