We have got our hands painted with mehendi multiple times, but when it is your wedding, things automatically become more special. Bridal mehendi is for once and that makes it enough for brides to search for the best mehendi designs for her and her tribe.

When it comes to mehendi designs, there are multiple options to confuse you. Different brides have different choices, while some like to keep it simple, some prefer to choose intricate designs.

But the best for a bride would be the one with personalized elements, representing the couple’s story or things which are special to them. Be it minimal or traditional full hand design, inculcating personalized elements will definitely make your Rangoli designs special.

  1. Arabic mehendi designs

The arabic style of mehendi design is free-flowing, composed of leaves, birds, flowers. Arabic mehendi design focuses on the palms and not the wrists. Arabic mehendi includes vines and dots which are equally amusing. Going a step beyond mundane Arabic mehendi designs also use radium stickers, sparkles and diamonds. If you want minimalistic designs, Arabic mehendi is for you.

  1. Floral mehendi designs

Floral mehendi designs have made themselves quite popular in recent times. No matter clothing or mehendi, florals can never go wrong. Florals and paisley go hand-in-hand and can be considered as the foundation of mehendi designs.

  1. Minimal mehendi designs

If you are amongst those brides for whom staying fuss-free is what matters the most, minimal mehendi designs are for you.

  1. Intricate designs

Extremely time consuming and arduous intricate mehendi designs are equally mesmerizing. Usually, the name of the groom is hidden within the design and is to be found out by the groom himself in one of the post-wedding ceremonies. This is considered to be an ice-breaker among the couple in the midst of the wedding ceremonies.

  1. Personalized mehendi design

As discussed earlier, personalized mehendi designs are much better than the usual ones. Thus, today it has become a trend to add personalizations to your mehendi. The new-age brides are totally in love with these.

There are so many ways to add personalized touches to the bridal mehndi. Couple’s portraits, names and wedding dates are surely there, but we also spotted interesting elements like hobbies, food, favourite TV characters and so much more in the personalized bridal mehndi designs. Here are the coolest personalized mehndi designs you must check out before finalizing your bridal mehndi design.

  1. Your husband’s hobby

Is your husband fond of sports? Football or cricket? You can get things related to it included in your Mehendi design.

  1. Portraits & hobby

Get caricatures done of your groom along with your hobbies. You can also choose initials or portraits to make it super cool.

iii. Zodiacs and social media platforms

If you’ve met your husband through a dating app or social media, get the same incorporated in your bridal Mehendi. Apart from that you can also get your zodiac signs etched.

  1. Love quotes

What could be more lovely than love quotes? Dedicate a love quote to your groom and get it inculcated in your mehendi design.