Orthodontic treatments are making waves for quite a long time now. And people are actually considering taking orthodontic treatments to cure their dental problems. If you do not know what orthodontic treatments are and what are the types of braces? Then this article is all you need to read.

What is Orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a dental procedure in which the straightening and aligning of your broken or crooked teeth are done. Many clinics provide orthodontic treatments to their patients. As a modern technology cure, orthodontic has been proven one of the best methods to get a perfect smile.

Types of orthodontic treatments:

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, there are numerous options from which you can choose. Fixed braces, removal braces, orthognathic treatments, mini-screws, invisible aligners, retainers, and much more, There is a lot of techniques that are being utilized to give your teeth proper alignment and position. And this is all because of the cutting edge technology which most of the orthodontists are utilizing these days. The most common method which is opted by most of the people is braces. Let us tell you about some of the types of braces:

Types of braces:

1. Traditional Braces:

Traditional or standard braces are the most commonly utilized form of braces. These conventional braces have progressed through the years; now, they are light weighted and more structures. These braces are made of stainless steel and metal brackets that are attached to your every tooth using a special kind of cement. The metal brackets are connected with thin wires which provide support.

Back in the days, these braces were very prominent and made your teeth look unattractive because the metal and brackets which were used were very large. But now, the mini brackets and metal make these braces unnoticeable. The advancement in technology has also helped in making these braces less painful, and the process of teeth alignment quite faster. Also, there are customizable braces available, in which you can choose the color or the shape of the bracket.

2. Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are another popular orthodontic treatment to give your teeth a proper alignment. In ceramic braces, the brackets are made up of ceramic instead of metal. The best thing about these braces is that they are not as noticeable as the metal ones because the ceramic used for the brackets have the same texture and color as of the teeth. Many orthodontists even use the wire, which goes along with the color of the patient’s teeth, making it as least noticeable as possible. Because of its popularity, the ceramic braces are quite expensive as compared to the traditional metal braces.

3. Retainers

Retainers are not basically braces but somewhat function like braces. Rather than moving the teeth, they hold your teeth tightly in their new position. There are two types of retainers: removable and fixed retainers. Removable retainers have a vacuum-like guard that holds your teeth in their place. Fixed retainers are made up of stainless steel wire and are attached at the rear part of your teeth.

With retainers, the pros are: after wearing the removable retainer for a short period, you would only need to wear it at night. The fixed retainers are quite obstructive and make you feel as if you haven’t got anything on your teeth.

4. Lingual braces:

Lingual braces are attached at the tongue side of your teeth; this is the reason it has got this name. Being at the rear, no one can see them, but the worst part is, it takes a long time to treat your teeth as compared to any other braces. These braces function almost as same as fixed braces. These braces have brackets that are made according to the back-surface of your mouth. Most of the people go for these braces because they want no one to see their braces. But it also takes quite a long time to adjust them in your mouth.

5. Invisalign:

Invisalign is the most common and advanced form of braces that are being used these days. However, they are not ideal for everyone as it suits only some people. But these invisible aligners or braces are the perfect technique to pick when it comes to teeth aligning. The reason why it is so famous among the people is that they are clear (almost invisible), and the implantation is way easy; also, it is not as painful as the other braces are.

But being the most famous, they are the most expensive of all the braces. Once the patient starts wearing it, it becomes as comfortable as if you are wearing nothing on your teeth. Invisalign needs more advancement and works on it as it is not suitable for the most severe orthodontic condition.

So, these were a few kinds of braces which are commonly used to cure the orthodontic conditions like broken or crooked teeth.