Personal Injury cases, legal disputes arise when a person suffers from severe Injury. It’s the role of General Practice Lawyer to help you in filing a Personal Injury lawsuit

What are the different types of Personal Injury cases?

The different types of Personal Injury cases include

  • Car accident- Car accidents are common and can occur due to rear end, head-on collision, rash driving, traffic violation, and much more
  • Medical malpractice – Medical malpractice, another personal Injury case that causes serious injury to the patient due to the negligence of a Physician
  • Legal malpractice-The term Legal malpractice represents the breach of duty by a legal authority
  • Product liability- You can file a Product liability case against a manufacturer, seller for supplying a defective product
  • Slip and Fall Injury- The personal injury case can be filed if you are injured slipping on someone else’s property. In such a circumstances, the property owner is responsible and liable for Injury
  • Workplace accident – In case if any worker is Injured or harmed at the work place, a personal Injury lawsuit can be filed. The common workplace accidents include Slip and Fall, Slippery floor, Safety violation, and much more

Other personal Injury cases Include Wrong full death, Child care negligence, Dog bites, and a few more

How to File a Personal Injury Case?

  • To file a Personal Injury case, you need to understand the statute of limitations in your state
  • Then evaluate the severity of damage or Injury
  • Now If the Injury after an accident is severe, seek medical care
  • Select and hire a General Practice Lawyer
  • Then discuss the personal Injury case
  • Hand over the necessary documents
  • Finally, sign an agreement to file the personal injury lawsuit

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