Race bikes are actually bicycles that are specifically designed to run on smooth asphalt, and for biking with long tracks up to tens of kilometers. There are three types of roadbikes that you need to know to suit your needs.

1.Competitive road type

Competitive road type is the type that is specifically designed for racing purposes. This is because the shape is very aerodynamic, very effective in splitting the wind. In addition, this bike also has a light weight. Certainly very easy when trying to spur the speed to the maximum speed.
The frame design is somewhat unique and of course through technology-based research. Because it was designed for the race, speed is the main thing here. To get high speeds, the shape of the bicycle must be aerodynamic. Then the design of the frame is made thin, the wheels used are also wide, all made to reduce wind resistance. Even in certain conditions, mounted wheel hubcaps on this bicycle in the rear tire. you can Get sepeda balap (roadbike) on this link

2.Endurance road type

Endurance roadbike is designed for motorists who prefer a typical relaxing drive, long cycling duration for hours on the saddle, even spending hundreds of KM devouring asphalt. Geometry is designed so that the rider’s position is more upright to seek comfort. Physically, the frame design is usually characterized by a higher degree of top-tube angle and a longer head-tube length.
This type of bike is also equipped with features that can minimize shocks when crossing the road with an uneven surface. The tires look sleeker and different from the tires used on competitive road types.

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3.Universal Type

This third type is the type that many people like. All people can wear this bicycle. With a design that emphasizes the multifunctional aspects of making it a bicycle that can be used for leisure, adventure, or just as an urban transportation.

The distinctive feature of this type of road bike is the handlebars model that has been updated from the form of a drop handle to a flat handle. Examples of roadbikes that are included in the universal type include cyclocross bikes or often also referred to as gravel road.

After listening to the review above, have you determined which type of sepeda balap (roadbike) you will buy?