Buying your first car is like a rite of passage. It signifies that you are an adult and capable of making sound decisions. I still remember my first experience of buying a car. My friends & family all played a big role in my decision. I can safely say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Looking back, I can recall some really wonderful memories of trips with friends & family. When the time came to sell it, I was heartbroken. But thanks to the advice of loved ones, I kept the car in pristine condition. This helped me in getting a good value for it. Then, I used that money along with my savings to buy a brand-new car. But enough about my life.

Not everyone has happy experiences. There are a lot of stories about people who had bad experiences with their cars. For instance, people bought brand new cars. But when they tried to sell them, they were not able to get a good value. This is shocking for them because the cars were not that old. However, the reason can be attributed to poor cosmetic condition. Unfortunately, they had just invested in simple car washing and occasional waxing. Over time, this caused the cosmetic appearance to degrade. They did not pay much attention to it even when selling the car. As a result, they suffered. These car owners were not able to get the right value for it something which could have been avoided with simple auto detailing.

What is Car Detailing?

In simple terms, it is the application of a mix of detergents, polishes, waxes, and other materials to ensure that the car’s cosmetic appearance remains in pristine condition. There are two types of car detailing: interior and exterior. In interior cleaning, the AC vents, windows, seats, and carpet are cleaned. This is done with the help of vacuuming, steam cleaning, detergents, etc. Likewise, exterior detailing involves cleaning the tires, headlights, windscreen, and overall exterior body. There is numerous car detailing services. What differentiates the best car detailing services a regular one?

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Car Detailing is not Car Washing

Please note that many people confuse car detailing with car washing. But these are two different things even though their purpose is similar. We already talked about the details. On the other hand, car wash services are just about using a power wash to remove dirt and other contaminants from the car’s exterior. The car’s interior is not cleaned during this process although some car cleaning services in Dubai use a damp cloth to clean the interior too.

Advantages of Car Detailing

Now let us take a look at the advantages that car detailing brings.

1. Health

When you drive around, the vehicle gets exposed to all sorts of dirt & contaminants. It is a natural process. Even when we walk around, we are exposed to similar contaminants. Likewise, when we enter the vehicle, dust and other contaminants that are stuck on our shoes enter the car too. Over time, they begin to accumulate and start to present a health hazard. You might have had trouble breathing in a friend’s car or your own. More often than not, the reason is such contaminants.

During interior detailing, the workmen thoroughly clean your vehicle. Some detailing service providers like PitStopArabia, at times, even take out the seats to ensure a properly cleaned interior. The use of a vacuum ensures that all the dirt and other contaminants are sucked out. The use of detergents and other chemicals clean out the rest of the interior. In short, you will have a vehicle that is safe and healthy to use. After a proper interior detailing, the car would smell just like new.

2. Car Value

No one likes to buy a vehicle that is visually less appealing or at least pays the asking price. I have already mentioned this point in the introduction. It is only natural. Would you buy a car that looks poorly maintained? No. Then, why would others? Therefore, by investing in car detailing, you make sure that the car remains in good condition. When a prospective buyer comes to inspect it, they would be inclined to pay your asking price. Without detailing, you would suffer a monetary loss and that is absolutely guaranteed.

3. Safety

Dust and dirt can accumulate over the windscreen. Over time, they might be difficult to remove with wiper fluid or a simple wash. A tainted windscreen reduces visibility which increases the risk of an accident. You might end up injuring yourself and others. Likewise, at nighttime, the headlights play a crucial role. They, too, can accumulate dust and dirt which might not be removed with a simple wash. Again, you would suffer from reduced visibility if the headlights are dirty. During detailing, the windscreen and headlights are thoroughly cleaned using a mix of detergents and other products. This makes driving safer.

4. Repair

Car detailing is simple care and car periodic maintenance exercise. It increases the durability of the parts. Without it, you might end up paying for costly repairs. Do remember that the vehicle is composed of different components. Just like any other machine, they, too, need regular maintenance. Otherwise, they will not perform well. If you keep ignoring, these parts might have to repair or replaced altogether. It is something one should always try to avoid, no matter how much money you have in your bank account. Instead, you can use this money to improve the vehicle with aftermarket parts.