Are you planning to attract your customers through attractive and advertising window decor? If yes, then you can get a number of options. The two options that are dominating leaders are vinyl lettering and clear window decals. Before you pick any one or both, you must know some important things about the two. This blog discusses the two types in detail so that you can make the best decision.

Vinyl lettering

Vinyl lettering might seem familiar, but the production process is completely different. It is a unique type of adhesive that is cut straight from a sheet of coloured material. Unlike transparent window decals, which are printed to the exact colour you need, the vinyl lettering content is only offered in some shades. This is why you can only get die-cut vinyl lettering in the fonts and art given on many websites.

Since these letters are not printed, they can be attached to the window independently, without a clear background that comes with clear window decals. All of the die-cut vinyl lettering come pre-spaced with a filtering transfer tape over the edge that allows easy placement. You only need to add the label as one piece, then cut the tape. Your display will look exactly as you see it in our design tool. In other words, you don’t need to put or stick to each letter of yours.


The signages are printed using transparent window decals and can, therefore, be printed in any colour. When using die cut vinyl lettering, each paint must be independently cut using complex machines—because of this, using more than one colour of lettering in the design does raise the cost of the sign significantly, an issue that does not arise when purchasing a plain window decal.

Also, the price of die-cut vinyl lettering is dependent on the size and sophistication of the lettering used. The price of transparent window decals depends only on the scale of the material and the amount requested.


Like transparent window decals, the die cut vinyl lettering may be put inside or outside the glass door. To use the decal on the inside of the frame, make sure that the “Inside Glass” alternative is chosen. This means that the glue is on the front of the lettering, making it readable from the outside on the inside of the glass.


The die-cut vinyl lettering has a lifespan of 8 to 9 years if proper care and treatment is given.

Clear window decals

Clear window decals are icons of a pattern written directly on a clear content sheet called Window Deco. They are written on one piece of paper, which ensures that the sign would be added to the window as one piece during construction. Although the template is written on translucent material, each letter or illustration does not conform to the window individually. These are highly recommended for logo and complicated designs


Clear window decals can be utilized either on the interior of the window (while it is readable from the outside) or on the outside of the window. The method of application of the window decal depends on the place where adhesive is going to be placed. To use the decal on the inside of the frame, make sure that the “Inside Glass” alternative is chosen. This means that the glue is on the front of the decal, allowing it readable from the outside on the inside of the window.


Transparent window decals can last for three or four years in an interior installation with careful positioning and treatment. For external uses, depending on the degree of damage to the components and other factors, the lifetime is one or more years.


The aforementioned can be concluded in the points mentioned below:

Vinyl Lettering

  • Nice for letters and numbers 
  • Not printed, but cut out of coloured content 
  • No simple history or form cut 
  • Probably unable to render logos 
  • Simple to exchange letters/numbers 
  • 8-10 years of life

Clear Decals Window 

  • Good for logos and photographs 
  • Written on one piece of paper 
  • Customizable / uploading your own template 
  • 3 + year of life 

Once you have gained complete knowledge about the two, you can decide which one you need.