Everyone loves surprises, and your partner is not exceptional. He will surely enjoy the moment when you surprise him with something he didn’t expect. How about getting a tattoo of his name secretly? Just think about it – won’t he enjoy the moment when you show it to him later and thus surprise him? Surely, he will be happy about it, and he will also thank you for the effort you put in order to bring a smile to his face.

Now the question is, what are the other ways to surprise your partner? Want to know the answer? If yes, then keep on reading this post. Here, you will find some easy ways of how to plan surprises for your partner.

  1. Arrange Tickets to His Favourite Show or Event

Does your partner like any music band? Does he enjoy stand-up comedy shows? Try to find out what your partner loves or which type of shows he wants the most. You can surprise him by arranging the tickets of his favourite concerts or shows and thus you can also make him happy. It is surprising how these simple things help couples spice up their relationship.

  1. Get a Tattoo of His Name

Whether it is about showing your spouse how committed you are or surprising him, tattooing is a great way to show your love to your partner. Through a symbol tattoo, you can express a lot of things to your spouse. Getting a tattoo that reads your partner’s name is also a great way to tell your love how committed you are.

However, before getting a tattoo with your boyfriend’s name, consult professional artists from one of the best tattoo parlours in Melbourne or from any of your preferred locations. Whether it is about choosing the perfect place for your new tattoo or selecting the best type – professional tattoo artists can help you in the best possible ways.


  1. Plan a Date Night

It’s not like that you have to wait for your marriage anniversary or birthday to go out on a date with your partner. Instead, choose a random day and plan a date night with your soulmate to surprise him. Just pick him up from his office and go to his favourite restaurant, disco or pub and see the magic. This little step will help you a lot to rejuvenate your relationship.

  1. Cook for Him

Cook for your partner and surprise him with his favourite dish. This is indeed an excellent idea since the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, do not just blow up this option.

What is your partner’s favourite dish – find it out first. Once you know what your spouse loves to eat, cook the meal when he is at work. He will surely be surprised when you serve his favourite dish at the dinner table.

  1. Book a Hotel Room

This is possibly the best option for those couples who are extremely busy with their work. Just imagine how your partner will feel when you spend quality time with him in a hotel room. Isn’t it a great option? Just think about it – you will be able to spend a day in your own way while enjoying each other’s company.

These 5 ways to surprise your partner are quite easy to plan. What do you think? Have you chosen your way to surprise your spouse? Well, if you decide to get a tattoo of his name, make sure you consult professional artist before going under the needle. This will help you know almost everything about the tattooing process.