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  • Strict implementation of regulations by the DENR, rising number of ETPs in SMEs and growth in food and beverages industry will drive the future market as many industrial clusters are still without any water treatment facility or are in poor working conditions.
  • With the changed political landscape, the ascension of the mayor of Davao to the presidential post is expected to bolster in an increased focus on industrialization of the Mindanao region especially in the packaged food industry and power sector.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge is the new and most emerging technology that is in demand from many industries to cut on their fresh water requirement.
The market for Industrial water and waste treatment is expected to register growth around the double-digit figure as it has gained fresh momentum due to the enhanced focus of the government and its regulatory bodies. Mainly Waste Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer of India are ready to do this type of things. Demand for industrial water and wastewater treatment industry in the Philippines will be largely driven by increased concern for the environment and lack of good quality water for industrial usage.
The water bodies are polluted and water must be treated before putting it to any use. Similarly discharging effluent in the open creates a lot of problem in the surrounding areas which has long term health impact prompting local to protest against setting up industries. The government also has shown its concern and has designated the water quality management areas (WQMAs) to ensure treatment of water before being discharged in the water bodies. The robust growth forecast for the manufacturing sector will further boost the demand for water treatment plants in new and upcoming industries. Expansion of current capacity and up-gradation of existing facilities with better, improved and efficient system will further boost the market.