Among the diverse hair types, 4C regular hair is the most firmly wound. The tightness of the curls is answerable for the shrinkage, breakage, and dryness of this hair type. Remember that it is typical to encounter shrinkage. It’s a key trait of afro finished hair and as before mentioned, it is an indication that your hair is solid and brimming with versatility. Shrinkage additionally shows that your hair can oppose breakage.

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People find hair shrinkage disappointing when they are trying to flaunt their hair length. While a few people have learned to embrace the hair shrinkage, the others are still in search of ways to diminish it completely. Though shrinkage on 4C hair is unavoidable, there are some effective ways to diminish it to some extent. Here are some of the effective ways to reduce shrinkage on 4C hair.

  1. Stretch techniques.

Stretching is one of the most effective ways to combat hair shrinkage. Great stretching methods are extremely safe and defensive. Hairstyles that aid in getting rid of the hair shrinkage include braids, low bun, banding, twists, and the African threading method. These hairstyles ensure to combat hair shrinkage to the maximum.

  1. Blow drying.

Blow drying is one of the most popular methods which makes the use of heat to reduce shrinkage. Blow drying method successfully removes the hair of extreme curls without using any chemicals. The blow drying method gives that hair a pleasant, straight, and glossy look. Blow-dried hair twists effortlessly, and it is less prone to hair knots.

  1. Anti-frizzle products.

The most effective way to manage highly frizzled hair is to invest in anti-frizzle products. Some people experience heavy knots and curls even after taking proper measures. Anti-frizzle products are the best choice for such people. These products make the hair smooth and lessen the shrinkage by elongating them.

  1. Natural hair products.

The use of natural hair shrinkage products enables one to get rid of tough curls effortlessly. Though t5. Moisturizers. he method is effective, it is preferred less because of the requirement of hair wash. Natural hair shrinkage products like hair gels work well for people with 4c hair. However, one needs to wash the hair at the end of the day.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturize your hair regularly with moisturizers, oils, gels, or lotions. These products reduce the hair shrinkage, however tough the curls may be. Use the products that are compatible with your hair. You may use coconut oil, aloe vera gel, or henna, or olive oil to give your hair a lustrous look.


Combating shrinkage has been considered the toughest job ever. Shrinkage reduces the overall hair length by more than 70%, and women find it extremely devastating. The above-mentioned tips help one in combating the shrinkage to the maximum extent.