Are you thinking about creating a website in Rhode Island ? To create a website in Rhode Island   it is necessary to know how to manage some key steps: the identification of the right web agency in Rhode Island, the estimate for the creation of the site, the creation and development of the site itself, without forgetting the additional services to the simple creation of the website in Rhode Island   .


There are many web agencies operating in Rhode Island . To distinguish the best web agency and aim to create a perfect website in Rhode Island   , here are the main points to pay attention to:

  1. How long has the web agency been operating?

Look at the projects already made and try to understand since the web agency operates. That a web agency has been operating for a decade not a 100% sure guarantee, but it is a good indication that it is a web agency that knows how to work and that has set up its digital business with a vision long-term. Conversely, contacting a web agency with a few years or months of activity could be a more adventurous and risky business project.

  1. What projects did the web agency carry out?

Look again at the projects carried out by the web agency, frame who their customers are and, of course, what activities the web agency has carried out so far. Browse the sites already created: do you see interesting and functional solutions? Are the sites quick to navigate? How do you see them on smartphones? Is the information easily organized and easy to find? Do not underestimate the impression you have, browsing the sites already created by the web agency; your feeling may be the right one.

  1. Is the web agency quick to respond?

A web agency should have a rapid and very well-established first contact and offer mechanism. How long does it take to call you back and produce an offer? And to produce a second version modified according to your instructions? Do you have the feeling that they present you with a standard document that does not take into consideration your specificity or what you asked for? The realization of a commercial offer is the first proof of efficiency, kindness, but above all of harmony with your way of working. If the web agency is slow, inefficient, and distracted in producing an offer, it probably will be in creating a website as well.

  1. Does the web agency have reviews? What reputation does it have?

Check the reviews on the Google My Business tab of the web agency, or the reviews on the Facebook page of the web agency. Scroll the posts on the web agency’s Linkedin channel (if they are not on Linkedin it’s a strange fact, ask them why), and read the comments. Try to understand what principles guide the communication of the web agency, how the various interlocutors treat, what others say. People express respect for the web agency in comments and reviews? Is there a unanimous recognition of the value of the web agency’s work? Or is there indifference, zero participation, zero adherences to their values? Or worse, are there harsh comparisons? Criticism, quarrels? Just as any human resources manager today takes a look at the candidate’s social channels before hiring a person, it is a good idea that you too should look at the social media channels of the web agency to understand what their values ​​are, how converses.


Often, for an entrepreneur, a business owner or a non-expert, even just reading a quote for the creation of a website in Rhode Island   becomes complicated. If it happens, this is not a good sign.

There are some signs that can tell you immediately from the quote if a web agency offers an excellent service or if it simply aims to provide the minimum essential to maximize its profit margins.

  1. Is there a strategy proposal in the web agency quote?

Within the offer there is an initial part in which to jointly carry out assessments how to best use the Internet, which target to turn to, what answers to provide, with what objectives? Is there a part of digital marketing strategy? Of course, maybe you didn’t ask for it, but if in the quote for the creation of a website in Rhode Island   the web agency makes itself available to help you in strategic evaluations, this is an excellent sign.

  1. Does the web agency take care of creating the website content?

In the estimate for the creation of a website, does the web agency indicate that it will take care of producing the texts and images of the website? Or is it sadly written that “the content will be provided by the customer”? Writing content for a website is a matter of specialists, it requires specific skills. Writing for the web is very different from writing for a brochure, or for press releases, or to be written for any other means of communication. If a web agency does not deal with interviewing you, gathering ideas and producing content written for the web, then it is giving up one of the activities of maximum added value for the creation of a website. Users who browse your site will do so for what is written, for your content, and certainly not to see “the website” in itself. If a web agency does not write / review your content in an optimized web form, your site will hardly work at its best.

  1. Is there a section of updates, news or a blog in the quote?

For a perfect creation of a website , a section that is regularly updated cannot be missing: a news section, or a blog, or an events and updates section, etc. If your site is not updated regularly, it is penalized by Google, but above all no user would ever return to visit it a second time. Even if you have not specified it, in the process of creating a website in Rhode Island   it is necessary to propose a section of updates. If the web agency does not, and does not insist on this because you are not interested or “because you say so”, then that web agency does not want your good, and does not really want your site to be successful.

  1. Is there a monthly update program in the quote?

With 3. You have to make sure that the website is well designed with an update section. But at the same time, in the budget there must be the possibility of producing content regularly, every month. If the web agency does not provide you with a regular content production service (e.g. 2 – 3 – 4 posts per month), then it is not really interested in the success of your new site.

  1. Is there a statistical analysis service?

In the budget there is a service analysis of site traffic statistics, the SEO and maybe even social media ? Statistics are the essential tool to check if the choices you’ve made are successful over time, or not. Analyzing the statistics means understanding what is going well and what is going less well on your website. Without this step, not only do you not know what works and what does not, but you have no way to make any sensible decision to improve: without statistical data, you have no reference. If the web agency does not provide a statistical analysis service, perhaps it is not really interested in working over time to improve the effectiveness of your website.

Once you have identified the web agency in Rhode Island   or you have identified a trusted digital consultant, and you have set the estimate and the terms of collaboration, then you enter the operational phase. You too will have to work to provide the correct indications for the development and creation of the site. Let’s see how.

  1. Have you specified who you are addressing?

It is extremely important that in the first step of creating a website there is an analysis of the target audience , who are the people you want to talk to, what problems they have, what problems you can solve, and what you expect them to do. The first meeting you need to have with your Web Agency to create a website should be about exactly that.

  1. Have you decided what content to develop and who looks after it?

What you write on the site expresses your vision of the business. The titles, descriptions, information, details, summaries, guides, news, updates, notices, are the reason why users will arrive on your site and get an idea of ​​your business. Consequently, deciding who writes the content, in what tone, with what intent, is the most important activity of your digital communication . Being a complex and highly manual activity (it is not possible to automate the writing of content!), Many web agencies do not deal with it, and ask the customer to deal with it directly (“ the texts are provided by the customer”). In this way, less prepared web agencies save significant costs, but also produce poor quality solutions. Writing for the web is a complex matter, and normally the client does not have the necessary preparation to do it better. If it happens, the consequence will be a low impact and effective website.

  1. Define SEO goals

The objective of the SEO actions in the creation of a website is to better position the pages of your site on search engines in correspondence with certain “user queries”, ie the searches that the user carries out. On what searches would you like your site to be first, or first page on Google? What are the most interesting terms to be on the front page? Of course, minimal SEO activity must be provided in the website creation process, and this activity must be guided by the web agency, helping you to indicate precisely which terms to “target” and which terms to keep secondary.

  1. The graphics of your site

With the advent of publishing platforms such as WordPress and related low-cost commercial graphic themes, today it is very simple to have a graphically evolved website at very low costs. In practice, the actual production activity of the website it could technically be reduced at a very limited cost, relying entirely on a wordpress graphic theme. However, the commercial graphic theme that you may have chosen for your site may have already been used by someone else. If this fact is not acceptable for your identity, then you may decide to develop a dedicated “custom” graphic theme, which has moderate additional costs. In other words, you have to find the right compromise between using a quick, very affordable, but perhaps “already seen” commercial graphic solution, compared to an ad-hoc, expensive, but unique and distinctive graphic solution to develop for your business. It depends.

  1. Photos, images, videos

When you fix the content to be developed (point 2.), you will also have to consider the photos, the images, maybe the videos. It is essential to show your business, your products, your services, your themes also from a figurative and not only textual point of view, and you will need fresh, professional quality photos and images, as well as short illustrative videos.. Don’t include old, low-resolution, low-quality, unprofessional images on your website. If you do not have recent quality photos available, it is necessary that you provide a photo-shooting session with a professional photographer, who can also produce short video interviews or illustrative or celebratory videos. Alternatively, you can also use stock photos. With reasonable subscriptions to stock photo sites, you can have hundreds of professional photos and videos, which is always better than recycling old photos.

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  1. Call to action

When you build a website, you have to finalize what you are building. If a user arrives on your site, and finds your proposal interesting, what should he do? Explain very directly what you want your user to do. It clearly indicates to your user that eg he must fill in a form, subscribe to the newsletter, send an email, call, download this pdf, share on Facebook, etc. These invitations to the user will be your “call-to-action”. Think about the call-to-action for your users, agree with your web agency, and put them into operation on the website.


Once your website has been created, created and published, what to do next? Many web agencies believe their task is over; actually the interesting part starts right here, when the site starts working . What traffic does it generate? How many users arrive on the site? How many require more information? How many become customers? What contents are the most viewed? How much traffic comes from Google? Did SEO Work? What updates are planned?

  1. Ask for a monthly report of traffic statistics

The traffic statistics of your site they are an invaluable resource for your business. They can reveal things to you that you may not have known, and show you what works better than your digital communication. In a word, they make you understand if the money invested in the website has been well spent. Whoever created your website should also have activated a statistics system, which is normally accessed as a normal website, with an address, a login and password. The most used statistics system is Google Analytics. Almost all statistical systems are free. However, selecting, and interpreting the statistical data, building a consistent scenario and summarizing it in a report is a job for specialists, and it is extremely important: the statistics indicate what is going well and what is less good than your digital communication.

  1. Start an update program

Don’t let your site age. The information on your site must be continuously updated, expanded, adjusted, cut, or revised. This is the meaning of digital communication: giving information that is always up to date and constantly improving. Always have a section subject to updating on your site: a blog, news, events, a section of guides and tutorials, etc. In this section he regularly publishes updates. Think of fresh, interesting, relevant, attractive updates for your target, and hire a specialist (web writer) to produce at least one or two posts / month. This update will ensure that you always have fresh content on the site, curious new users, and above all your website will not suffer the penalties that search engines like Google reserve for sites that never update.

  1. Send emails to users

Plan on the website to collect the names and addresses of users who have found you interesting, and who wish to stay updated via email on your activities; prepare a section to sign up for a newsletter. Next, prepare email communications to send to those who have signed up, informing them of updates, changes, news of your business.

  1. Check SEO positioning

After a couple of months from publication, you can check how the site is ranking on search engines. Ask for a regular SEO check service. As time goes by, it will clearly indicate which terms your site is on the front page on Google: are they terms that select your target well? Are the pages well positioned and attracting the right people? Is positioning getting better and better over time? Or is there no relevant traffic coming from Google, or does it not come at all? And in this case what are the causes? How can we intervene to fix it? These are the topics of a professional SEO check, which will clarify if the work done is paying off, or if it has not been done well, and in the latter case how it is possible to repair and improve.

  1. Develop social media

After completing the creation and implementation of the website, you finally have a place to send people who want more information. If you are managing social media channels, then you will often come in contact with people who may be interested in what you do. Indeed, social media is the right place to promote news that affects you and your sector, which keep people of your interest informed, and which attract new potential interesting interlocutors. Use social media to create and develop new relationships, and to recommend insights, from social media, send your interlocutors to the website.

  1. Start paid advertising campaign

If you have developed and web design at its best, you should see everything work perfectly: excellent positioning of the site on Google on the words you wanted, constant or growing user traffic, continuous requests for contacts, subscriptions to your newsletter, traffic increase also on social media,

improvement of your reputation and greater diffusion of your brand. If, on the other hand, something did not work out best, you may decide to start paid advertising campaigns to solve some problems. For example, if your site has not positioned well on Google on certain terms, then you can plan a paid campaign to appear first on those specific terms. Or, if you need a lot of contacts quickly and don’t want to wait for them to grow in a “natural” way, start a paid advertising campaign. In this and in all other cases, it is essential to have the web agency that advises you how to proceed.