What is a shell scheme?

In an exhibition, a common type of stand or booth assigned to a respective exhibitor is known as a Shell Scheme. In other words, a shell scheme is a box-style design that is supported by vertical column poles, and it is held together by aluminium cross poles at the top and the bottom.

In an exhibition, each exhibitor is given a space to set up their brand-stall. All these scheme spaces are different from one another in size and shape. When you sign up for an exhibition, you will receive the details and specifications of your scheme stall assigned to you. It usually comes in meter breaks or modules (which is also described by many as a modular system) and is arranged by the exhibition organiser itself. Though they are pretty much basic in nature, with creativity and the right designs, a lot can be done to make it interesting and attractive.

Although the shell scheme might come across as a basic structure limiting you to do a lot of things, strategic designing can help you elevate the overall aesthetics. Here we have mentioned a couple of tips and tricks that you can use to create an impact on your overall brand appearance.

Shell clad panels and shell clips

Adding graphics to the vertical aluminium poles is difficult because the posts do not provide a flat wall that can be used to attach graphics. It stands proud of the post panels. Shell Clad and Shell clips are the best way out of this tussle.

Shell clad, with the help of an adapter, clips over the aluminium poles and joins flush with the wall thus creating a flat surface for you to use and attach graphics to. Shell Clips, on the other hand, can be used to attach together the printed rollable graphics across each panel to create a striking back wall.

Remember to have the graphics are pre-cut to the exact shell scheme size. Much like wallpaper, you just have to unroll them and put them on the wall without any creases and hassle.
Shell scheme graphic panels are an affordable and simple solution to transform your space into a completely branded exhibition stand. Shell scheme graphic panels are not only cost-effective but can also be used again and again.

Pop-up display stands

Pop up display stands can either be used in aggregation with the shell clad or a separate product altogether. They are what you can infer from the very name itself i.e., a large-format display where graphics are printed. Their ease of use and portability has made them one of the popular choices amongst the marketers.
These free-standing structures work via the connection of cross-bracing struts that allows a collapsed stand to shrink and stand as and when required. The transformation is what makes it popular. Since it collapses and fits into any case, the transporting becomes simple. Further, this stands also acts as a sole advertiser when placed outside the store. The usability is not limited to the exhibition only.

Since these Pop-Up stands come in various sizes and shapes, it is an easy and flexible way to create a large form of display. They can be L-shaped or curved to work around the corners, the straight and rectangular ones can be used for the centre. Furthermore, the framework can be joined with any other styled pop-ups to create a new shape altogether. For example, if you have an L-shaped display, combining it with a straight display can help you work around the bend.

Banner Stand and Literature Racks

To further fill out your space, you can go for popular exhibition accessories. Banner stands, display counters, and literature racks can be a fantastic professional addition to the stand elevating the overall brand value and promoting the products/service.

Banner Stands
Banner stands are pull-up stands that roll out of a solid base. You can custom-print your design on the stand. They are free-standing and comes in various shapes and sizes. Thus, it would be easy for you to find the one that fits your need.

Usually, a standard banner stand is approx. 800 mm in width and around 2000 mm in height. Their adaptability makes them a unique marketing tool. Delivering the core message to the consumer, they act as your perfect advertising partners showcasing your products with a strong call to action.

Literature Racks
In the exhibition, you have to present your brand collateral. Instead of piling them in some corner of the booth, you can go for the literature holders. They are trendy and help the visitor to locate your marketing collateral such as brochures, leaflets, etc. Having this displayed upfront is useful as you might be busy discussing business with a potential client while another consumer may walk-in. In such situations, they can help themselves by grabbing a piece of the leaflet and reviewing the information right away.

Participation in the exhibition is an important step to expand the business. You must have already spend a lot on this, might as well make it count. A brand-centric shell scheme pulls the potential customers, builds trust, and helps you stand out from the rest. With high quality printed products showcasing your products/service in the right light, you have better chances of making the exhibition a grand success for your business.