Water features are a staple of luxury pools and there is no better addition that you can make to a luxury pool than adding water features. Waterfalls are by far the most popular water feature in luxury pools and pool owners are often quite proud of their pool waterfalls. While pool waterfalls are known for their aesthetic value, they can also act as a filtration method to keep the pool clean. There are quite a few different waterfalls that pool builders such as Sandals Luxury Pools can build for you. In this article, we will tell you about the different types of luxury pool waterfalls so you can pick one for your luxury pool.

Sheer Descent Pool Waterfall

As the name suggests, sheer descent pool waterfall creates a beautiful narrow arc of water that usually falls from the side of the pool. Sheer descent is actually a waterfall brand, but the sheer descent waterfall brand became so popular that every narrow arc-shaped waterfall is called sheer descent. Sheer descent waterfalls project from a raised wall above the pool water surface or a raised decorative structure. Sheer descent waterfalls are ideal for people who want a waterfall in their luxury pool without the noise that comes with a waterfall. Sheer descent waterfalls can be adjusted to have minimal noise, or they can be increased in size to have a rushing waterfall depending upon your taste. Not to mention adding lighting and other effects to a sheer descent waterfall can further enhance the aesthetic value of your pool. In short, sheer descent for pools is one of the most popular types of pool waterfalls.


Pencil Jet Pool Waterfalls

Pencil jet pool waterfalls are also known as deck jets and mini jets. These types of waterfalls are used to add more geometry to a luxury pool. Pencil jets are installed in a formation with three or more evenly spaced pencil jet waterfalls installed on the pool’s side. What makes this waterfall more exciting is that they can be designed to move in patterns and lighting can give these waterfalls a whole new dimension during the nighttime. You can also adjust the jets of the pencil jet waterfall to shoot water across the pool’s width or in the middle of the pool. Although you can incorporate pencil jets in any pool, but Atlanta Pool Builders suggest installing pencil jet waterfalls in pools with a geometric shape.

Weeping Pool Waterfalls

These waterfalls are installed only a few inches above the water surface of the pool and water usually flows between moss rocks before falling into the pool. Plants and other natural decorations are added around the weeping waterfall. You can control a weeping waterfall flow to make it a gently flowing waterfall or a loud heavy flowing one depending upon your taste. Weeping waterfalls have a distinct sound that luxury pool owners love.

Swimming Pool Grottos

Swimming Pool grottos are one of the most high-end types of waterfalls that you can add to a luxury pool. These waterfalls have a distinct look where space under natural-looking rocks is closed off with a wall of water. Usually, there is enough space in the grottos for people to sit in. These types of waterfalls are installed in swimming pools so you can swim through the waterfall and into the area under the artificial cave. The waterfall and the space behind it are a distinct feature of Grotto waterfalls, and these waterfalls are the ultimate sign of luxury when it comes to pools.