At first, it is the initial CONSULTATION

  • Choose the Best Personal Injury Law Firms and then start with the next.
  • Moreover, the lawyer can advise you regarding the best course of action to perform in your
  • Further, it describes the sorts of compensation available to you and try to discuss the attorney’s fees.







Secondly, registration in court documents. 

If you are moving ahead with registering the personal injury lawsuit, the attorney will file and represent a complaint.

Next comes the DISCOVERY stage

  • Similarly, at the time of discovery, the Personal Injury Law Firms and the lawyer will list questions or interrogatories to the defendant.
  • The lawyer submits a request for documents and take depositions or sworn statements.

And then its the SETTLEMENT Negotiations

  • On the other hand, the negotiation process begins with the plaintiff making a settlement demand.
  • The defendant comes up with an offer.
  • The parties bring in a mediator, and their role is to get the parties to reach an agreement.

The TRIAL process takes place

  • If the parties fail to reach compensation, a personal injury claim will go to trial.
  • And the trial involves two stages as the jury decides if the defendant is responsible and determines the amount of damages.

Collection of verdict OR compensation 

After settling with the other side or a court enters a Verdict in your favor, the lawyer will go through the procedure of collecting and distributing the funds.

Finally, it’s the POST-TRIAL MOTIONS and appeals. 

If the court enters a verdict in your favor, the defendant may register a post-trial motion that needs to set aside that verdict or decrease the amount of damages.

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