How does a battery help in making our appliances work? What are the different kinds of batteries that are available in the market these days? These are some of the things we might occasionally wonder when we think of an inverter and its batteries. So, a battery is nothing but a storage device for electrochemical energy which is then used for lighting as well as electrical applications.

So, what are the different types of batteries for a Luminous inverter?

There are mainly two types of batteries, the first being the flat plate battery and the second being the tubular battery. In general, the negative plate is very similar in both models. The significant difference between them is just the design. The inside of the batteries is the same. The materials used for both designs are the same but there is a difference in the level of performance. So, when you need to choose a battery for your inverter, make sure you check your facts before making a decision.

  1. The flat plate battery: the flat plate battery is composed of positive as well as negative plates which are made up if pasted grids.
  2. The tubular battery: these kinds of batteries are made up of negative plates just like in a flat plate battery. The only difference being the positive part is made up of spines that are put under tube packets.

So, what is the difference between a flat plate battery and a tubular one?

The basic difference is in the design of the flat plate battery. The making of the flat plate battery is comparatively simpler than the tubular battery. The tubular plate battery has quite a complex design.

The flat plate battery has a lower life as compared to the tubular plate battery. This is because the shedding of active material is low in tubular batteries. The shedding of active materials in a flat plate battery is very high which leads to the low life of the battery.

Tubular plate batteries have a great ability to produce and accept current. The flat plate battery is not a very capable one in accepting and producing the current. A tubular plate battery is better suited to the high charging rates which are associated with fast charging as well. This phenomenon occurs in both the discharge as well as change direction. This makes heavy-duty applications that require high sustained current easier. Tubular batteries are capable of producing the high sustained current which is needed to run heavy-duty applications whereas a flat plate battery is not very useful in heavy-duty applications.

Although, the flat plate batteries are usually more resistant towards heat. The heat dissipation is optimized due to its flat surface. Poor heat dissipation will cause the battery to deteriorate faster which is one of the drawbacks of the tubular plate battery.

You can buy a Luminous batter online in the online battery shop. Choosing a battery should be easier with this information.