The affection to the word of Allah Almighty must be inculcated into our minors from childhood. Just as they are taught their first language and English at schools, so they should be taught in the easiest way to learn the Glorious Quran. In Surah Kahf, Allah warns us that prosperity and children are simply adornments of the worldly life but deeds last and help us to gain reward. Especially In this era of technology, when the best online Quran platforms are easily accessible and more convenient.

Benefits of Online Quran Learning

The main objective of reading the Noble Quran is to understand it, and the purpose of understanding it is to apply its teachings. Online Quran classes for kids comes with a wide-range of advantages.

Online Quran Learning offers convenience

In today’s fast paced world, minors are often busy in schools, sports and extra-curricular activities. Home tutors are only available for specific hours because they also require traveling. In order to fill this gap, acquiring online Quran teaching professional could be the best course of action because they teach from the comfort of their homes. There is no need to spend hefty bucks in traveling. The children and online Quran tutor share an exceptional bond as kids prefer being online instead of offline. Moreover, it would be also a refreshing change for them to attend school physically every morning.

Comprehensive Method of Online Quran Lessons

Online Quran teaching institutes have become so common that the competition let parents with variety of options. The online Quran platforms have high-qualified and proficient tutors, ensuring that they offer exceptional service. On contrary, home tutors and Qaris are not so freely available, and their teaching methods are also not as comprehensive.

Every online Quran institute struggles to be the best in the business. This offers both parents and children with a wide variety to select from. Keep in mind that, not every online Quran academy can be an appropriate fit.

Offering one on one Quran classes

One on one classes ensure that every child gains the special attention of Quran teaching professional. Unlike group classes the schools offer, online Quran academies make easier for children to ask queries without any hesitation. In conventional method of Quran teaching, students find it challenging to learn in a group and may also feel shy to ask questions.

Online Quran teachers are committed to devote all their attention to an individual student. This will also help child to boost confidence level and gain strength in proper understanding of Tajweed.

Easy to Access Professional and Qualified Teachers

Most of the highly qualified and well-experienced Quran tutors usually don’t visit student’s homes. They used to teach at madrassas and mosques or at a Quran institute. Especially in western countries, it is quite challenging to find a proficient Quran teaching professional for your children. On the other hand, the most qualified, professional and capable online Quran tutors are available to teach online.

Flexibility of days and timings

The flexibility of timetables is probably the most beneficial aspect of online Quran teaching. The 24 hours accessibility of online Quran tutors accommodates students from all time zones. Children can continue attending education institutes, playing games, meeting with friends without any restriction of time.

Students can choose any day or time for attending online Quran classes according to their needs and preferences. Thus, online Quran education is the most suitable and flexible option for this fast-paced life.

Safe and easy to monitor

Most of the parents have a complaint that Quran tutors and Qaris behave unethical with the children while teaching Quran lessons. Violence is the biggest demerit of choosing conventional method of Quran learning. The tutors are pulling ears, using abusive language, beating with a stick and demotivating the kids. This mentality and lack of etiquettes have a serious impact on the children.

On contrary, learning Quran online offers concerned parents the most safe and secure option. They don’t need to monitor the interaction that takes place between the teacher and the student. There is no question of child abuse due to the nature of online Quran learning.

Interactive and Engaging

The use of technology with a good mind greatly benefits children who learn Quran online. From the videos that represent life story of Prophets to Islamic knowledge quizzes, both student and tutor can explore all the engaging material available online.

While learning Quran by the assistance of home tutors, children often lose interest. Learning how to read and understand the Noble Quran via online Quran tutor gives them even more motivation to acts upon its teachings.

For parents, there is no doubt that Online Quran learning is a huge relief. Especially in the West, where private tutors charge hefty amount. The online Quran academies charge reasonable cost and almost half of the amount is ultimately get saved due to no travel.